album list

This page is devoted to those albums that are frequently quoted as 'containing Mellotron', but it turns out to be a case of mistaken identity (although not as a result of using samples). Most of the cases I've run into have been simply string synth or real strings, but there's always a few interesting ones that deserve some sort of comment.

The * rating (½-5) is my personal, entirely subjective and completely partisan rating of the music.
There is, of course, no 'Tron rating.

Amon Düül II  (Germany, kraut)
Dance of the Lemmings  [a.k.a. Tanz der Lemminge]  (1971)  REVIEW (***½)
Wolf City  (1972)  REVIEW (***½)
Atonal  (Argentina)
Plegaria Urbana  (1979)
Beatles  (UK)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  (1967)  REVIEW  (****½)
Box Tops  (US, pop)
The Letter  (1967 single): real strings
Brand X  (UK, fusion)
Moroccan Roll  (1977): pictured but not used. Seems they'd intended to, but it broke down...
Crypto  (Netherlands, fusion)
Crypto  (1975) - string synth  REVIEW (***)
Lucio Dalla & Francesco de Gregori  (Italy, pop)
Banana Republic  (1979): credits 'solina mellotron'. No, it's not a Mellotron, nor does it sound like one
Dalton  (Italy, progressive)
Riflessioni: Idea d'Infinito  (1973)  REVIEW (***½)
Deadsy  (US)
Phantasmagore  (2006) - Leslie Hall credited on track cut from eventual release
Stefan Diestelmann  (E.Germany, blues)
Folk Blues Band  (1978)  REVIEW (***½)
Discipline  (US, progressive)
Push & Profit  (1994)  REVIEW (***½)
Druid  (UK, progressive)
Fluid Druid  (1976): real strings/flutes/choir
Eddy Zoltan  (Norway, progressive)
Spelemannen  (1974): credited, but string synth
Electric Light Orchestra  (UK, progressive pop)
A New World Record  (1976)  REVIEW (***)
Out of the Blue  (1977)  REVIEW (***)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  (UK, progressive)
Trilogy  (1972): the 'strings' on 'Abaddon's Bolero' are overdubbed Moog, according to Emerson
Espiritu  (Argentina, progressive)
Libre y Natural  (1976) - Ciro Fogliatta
Frágil  (Peru, progressive)
Avenida Larco  (1981)  REVIEW  (***½)
Frágil  (1979) - César Bustamante
Serranio  (1990) - César Bustamante
Cuento Real  (1993) - César Bustamante
Alunado  (1997) - César Bustamante
Sorpeso del Tiempo  (2002) - César Bustamante
Fruupp  (UK, progressive)
Future Legends  (1973): real strings/string synth
Seven Secrets  (1974): as above
The Prince of Heaven's Eyes  (1974): as above
Modern Masquerades  (1975): as above
Gandalf  (Austria, synth/new age)
Visions  (1980): before his Mellotronic purchase
Gentle Giant  (UK, progressive)
In a Glass House  (1973): pictured on sleeve, but not heard (opening FX are apparently BBC tapes)
Haboob  (US/Germany, progressive/kraut)
Haboob  (1971)  REVIEW  (***½)
Horizonte  (Argentina, progressive)
Horizonte  (1977)
King Crimson  (UK, progressive)
Live at Summit Studios, Denver, 1972  (2000): credited, but not heard
Kraftwerk  (Germany, synth)
Radio-Activity  [a.k.a. Radio-Aktivität]  (1975): Orchestron
Led Zeppelin  (UK, hard rock)
Led Zeppelin IV  (1971)  REVIEW (****½)
Lynyrd Skynyrd  (US, hard rock)
Skynyrd's First &... Last  [a.k.a. Skynyrd's First: the Complete Muscle Shoals Album]  (1978)  REVIEW  (****½)
Máquina de Hacer Pájaros  (Argentina, progressive)
La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros  (1976)
Gustave Montesano  (Argentina, progressive)
Homenaje  (1977)
Mountain  (US, hard rock)
Nantucket Sleighride  (1971): some harmony guitar, some distorted Hammond. No Mellotron
An Pierlé  (Belgium)
Helium Sunset  (2002)  REVIEW  (***½)
Polifemo  (Argentina, progressive)
Polifemo  (1976)
Polifemo II  (1977)  REVIEW  (***½)
Popol Vuh  (Germany, kraut/avant garde)
Aguirre  (1975): apparently the infamous choir-organ again, as heard on various Amon Düül II albums  REVIEW  (****)
Raul Porchetto  (Argentina)
Mundo  (1979)
Predmestje  (Yugoslavia)
Brez Naslova  (1977)  REVIEW  (***)
Rainbow  (UK, hard rock)
Rainbow Rising  (1976)  REVIEW  (*****)
Rascal Reporters  (US, avant-garde progressive)
The Foul-Tempered Clavier  (2001): credited but just... not  REVIEW  (***½)
Schicke Führs Fröhling (SFF)  (Germany, progressive)
Ticket to Everywhere  (1978): pictured but not used
Sui Generis  (Argentina, progressive)
Pequeñas Anéctodes Sobre las Instituciones  (1974)
Armando Tirelli  (Uruguay, progressive)
El Profeta  (1978): credited but inaudible
Martin Wall  (Canada)
Metaphysical Facelift  (1977): string synth  REVIEW  (***)
When  (Norway)
Black, White & Grey  (1988): 'Death in the Blue Lake' - interesting samples, but no Mellotron
Barney Wilen & Dièse 440  (France)
Live in Paris, 8 Janvier 1983  (1983)  REVIEW  (***)
Robert Wyatt  (UK, progressive)
Ruth is Stranger Than Richard  (1975)
Yes  (UK, progressive)
The Yes Album  (1970): it's a recorder. Tony Kaye allegedly complained enough about having to play Moog...
Zoppo Trump  (Germany, progressive)
Zoppo Trump  (2009, recorded 1971-76)  REVIEW  (***)