How it works

This is a list of all known Mellotron/Chamberlin (and occasionally Birotron)-featuring albums, from the '60s to the present day. It's in a constant state of amendment; the current update's additions/amendments can be found under 'additions' above. You may ask, "What's the point?" What indeed? If you're interested, it's here. If you're not, I believe there are many other websites you can visit. If you're only interested in album reviews (which would be fair enough), click on the 'reviews' button above.

Singles/b-sides are only listed separately when they weren't included on the artist's current LP (e.g. 'Strawberry Fields Forever'). Compilations including the single may be listed in the 'notes' field, but it will have a separate entry (usually). However, I reserve the right to make the rules up as I go along.

If you have any extra information, please mail me. Thanks!

Filing: I've made every effort to file artist names correctly, cross-language, although there are discrepancies. Any band name starting with the local equivalent of the definite or indefinite article (Il Balletto di Bronzo, I Dik Dik, Le Orme) will file under the first 'proper' word. I've ignored the occasional local rule for simplicity's sake; Apparently Änglagård should file at the end of the alphabet, as in Swedish, but I refuse to go that far in my attempts at authenticity. Talking of which, I've tried to use all the correct accents where relevant, including the ones outside the normal HTML rules. Solo artists are, of course, filed under surname (did I really need to say that?).

A quick couple of caveats before we proceed:

1. This is not, I repeat NOT a list of my own collection. I'm always willing to do trades, but please don't assume that just because albums without review links are listed, I own, or have even heard a copy. If you're interested in trades, please mail me.

2. Some of the 'confirmed' entries have been 'confirmed' by someone else. Sometimes they get it wrong. Sometimes, so do I. As soon as any entry has been found not to contain Mellotron, it goes.