album list
Romantic Moog  (1974) - ?  REVIEW  (**/TT)
Svenska Danshits  (1976) - Peter Himmelstrand
Nu Ska Vi Sjunga  (2004, recorded 1972-3) - Peter Himmelstrand  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Original Cast
Jesus Christ Superstar - a Rock Opera  (1971) - Chris Goodey  REVIEW  (**/TTT)
The Rocky Horror Show  (1974) - Roy Ritchie  [Original Australian Cast]  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Everyhead: A Rock Opera  (1975) - Kenneth Cottrell  REVIEW  (**½/TT)
Jesucristo Superstar  (1975) - Teddy Bautista  [Original Spanish Cast]  REVIEW  (**/T½)
Nia Ben Aur  (1975) - Hefin Elis  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Beatlemania (Recorded Live at the Winter Garden Theatre)  (1978) - Les Fradkin  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Soundtracks  also see: Samples etc.
La Route de Salina  (1970) - Alan Reeves  REVIEW  (***/T)
Dororon Enma-kun  (1973/97) - ?
The Life & Times of Grizzly Adams  (1974) - ?  [unreleased]  REVIEW  (***/TTTT)
Picnic at Hanging Rock  (1975) - ?  [unreleased]  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
All This & World War II  (1976) - Chamberlin - Christopher North? (Ambrosia), Elton John  REVIEW  (**/½)
Against the Wind  (1978) - Mario Millo?  REVIEW  (***/½)
Phantasm  (1979) - Fred Myro/Malcolm Seagrove  REVIEW  (****/TT½)
Maniac  (1981) - Peter Lewis  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
Urgh! A Music War  (1981) - Javier Cruz (Skafish)  REVIEW  (***½/½)
Slam Dance  (1987) - John Dentino (Fibonaccis)  REVIEW  (***/½)
Jerry Maguire: Music From the Motion Picture  (1996) - Chamberlin - Jon Brion  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Hard Eight  (1996) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (***/TT½)
Boogie Nights  (1997) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (***/T)
Kvinnan i det Låsta Rummet - Filmmusiken  (1998) - Hans Åkerhjelm  REVIEW  (***½/TTTTT)
Pleasantville  (1998) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren/Jon Brion  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Godzilla  (1998) - Chamberlin - Benmont Tench  REVIEW  (***/TT½)
City of Angels  (1998) - Chamberlin - Damir Prcic/Paul Kimble  REVIEW  (***/½)
Music From MTV Spyder Games  (2001) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren
Our Little Corner of the World: Music From the Gilmore Girls  (2002) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (**½/½)
The In-Laws  (2003) - Linda McCartney  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Shrek II  (2004) - Charles Gillingham (Counting Crows)  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  (2004) - Chamberlin? - Jon Brion  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
I ♥ Huckabees  (2004) - Chamberlin - Jon Brion  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
The Devil's Rejects: Original Motion Picture Score  (2005) - Damon Fox  REVIEW  (***/½)
Across the Universe: Music From the Motion Picture  (2007) - Patrick Warren
Songs for a Soundtrack: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Simon & Malou  (2009) - Tim Christensen (C.V. Jørgensen)
Very Extremely Dangerous  (2013) - Jim Dickinson
Echo in the Canyon  (2019) - Mellotron & Chamberlin - Jordan Summers/Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (****/TT)
Various  also see: Samples etc.
À Boris Vian: On N'est Pas là Pour Se Faire Engueuler!  (2009) - Chamberlin - Fred Pallem  REVIEW  (***/T½)
A-Reefer-Derci!: Recorded Live at the Reefer Cabaret, Melbourne  (1976) - Eddie Rayner (Split Enz)  REVIEW  (***/½)
After the Storm: A Benefit Album for the Survivors of Hurricane Katrina  (2005) - Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet), Thomas Jonson (Änglagård)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
The American Song-Poem Christmas: Daddy, is Santa Really Six Foot Four?  (2003, recorded 196?-7?) - Chamberlin - Rodd Keith/others?  REVIEW  (**/TT)
Analogy, Volume 2  (2006) - Brendan Pollard? (Rogue Element)  REVIEW  (***/½)
...And We All Sing Along Like Before: A Tribute to Del Amitri By Their Fans  (2001) - Bob Emmet (Orange Olive)
Bakersfield Rebels: Late 1960s Gems Featuring Clarence White, The Nashville West Band & Others  (2004) Chamberlin - Gary Paxton  REVIEW  (***/T½)
BayProg: Progressive Rock From the San Francisco Bay Area  (2002) - Don Tillman (Tesseract)  REVIEW  (****/T)
Be Yourself: A Tribute to Graham Nash's "Songs for Beginners"  (2010) - Greg Weeks (Mariee Sioux)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Christmas in Heaven  (1996) - Phil Madeira (Sixpence None the Richer)  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Christmas Songs  (2000) - Dave Kershaw/Chamberlin - Aaron Embry
A Christmas to Remember  (1998) - Jim Mastro
City on a Hill: Sing Alleluia  (2002) - Phil Madeira  REVIEW  (*½/T)
City on a Hill: It's Christmas Time  (2000) - Chamberlin - Phil Madeira  REVIEW  (**/½)
The Colossus of Rhodes: The 7th Progressive Rock Wonder  (2005) - Fredrik Karlsson? (Sinkadus)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Concerts at Jodrell Bank 2000  (2000) - Steve Dinsdale/Duncan Goddard (Radio Massacre International)
Cornucopea  (2000) - Julian Cope (Queen Elizabeth)
Cozy Powell Forever  (1998) - Rei Atsumi  REVIEW  (***/½)
Cyclops Sampler 5  (2002) - Stephen Bennett (Henry Fool)  REVIEW  (***/½)
Dante's Inferno: the Divine Comedy, Part I  (2008) - Matthijs Herder (Oceana Company), Fredrik Karlsson (Sinkadus)?  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Dante's Purgatorio: the Divine Comedy, Part II  (2009) - Matthijs Herder (Oceana Company)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Dante's Paradiso: the Divine Comedy, Part III  (2010) - Matthijs Herder, Per Hallman (Brighteye Brison), Gianluca de Rossi (De Rossi & Bordini), Alfio Costa (Colossus Project/Daal), Dániel Krivánik (Tabula Smaragdina)  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Daze of the Underground: a Tribute to Hawkwind  (2003) - Andy Thompson (Litmus)  REVIEW  (***/T)
Decameron: Ten Days in 100 Novellas, Part 1  (2011) - ? (Rhys Marsh), ? (Samurai of Prog)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Decameron: Ten Days in 100 Novellas, Part II  (2014) - Marco lo Muscio (Playing the History), Rhys Marsh? (Rhys Marsh)  REVIEW  (***/T)
Disco Sound (Hits in Instrumentalfassung)  (1978) - Johannes Schlecht (Gruppe "Excentra")  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Do Not Adjust Your Set  (2011 EP) - Tony "Frobisher Neck" Swettenham
Down in a Mirror: A Second Tribute to Jandek  (2005) - Jeff Tweedy  REVIEW  (***/T)
Dry Lungs II  (1986) - Masashi Kitamura (Ybo²)  REVIEW  (***/T)
...e tu Vivrai Nel Terrore  (1998) - Nicklas Berg/Reine Fiske (Morte Macabre), Jody Park (Somnabulist)  REVIEW  (****/T)
The Empire & the Rebellion  (2008) - Alfio Costa (Tilion)  REVIEW  (***/TTTT)
Enchantement  (1989) - Pascal Lachaize (Anoxie)
Det Enkle er Ikke Alltid det Beste...: 50 Nummer Med Progressiv Rock  (2009) - Lars Fredrik Frøislie (White Willow)/Rhys Marsh (Rhys Marsh)  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Epic Records: A Season of Soul & Sounds  (2001) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (***/T)
Exult1  (2015 cassette) - Matt Thompson (Zoltan/Cremator)  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
Eyewitness: A Tribute to VdGG  (1995) - Simon Nordberg (Landberk)  REVIEW  (****/T)
Family Snapshot: A Tribute to Genesis Solo Careers: Peter Gabriel  (2013) - Nicola Randone (Randone)  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Festival Lagu Populer Tingkat Nasional VIII/'80  (1980) - ?  REVIEW  (*½/TTT)
Floralia Vol. 3  (1999) - Peter Lindahl (In the Labyrinth)
Flyin' Traps  (1997) - Brian Kehew/Chamberlin - Brian Reitzell  REVIEW  (***/½)
Forever Dusty: A Tribute to Dusty Springfield  (2000) - Paul Bryan (Jennifer Kimball)
Freezone (Seven is Seven is)  (2009) - Apollo 9 (Cibelle)  REVIEW  (**/T)
Gainsnord: Serge's Songs Revisited By Bands From the Lowlands  (2009) - Paul Weller (Benjamin Herman)  REVIEW  (***/T)
Get Loaded 3  (2007) - Matthijs Herder (Oceana Company)
Giallo! One Suite for the Murderer  (2008) - Alfio Costa  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach  (1997) - John Medeski (Medeski, Martin & Wood)  REVIEW  (***/T)
Great Jewish Music: Jacob do Bandolim  (2004) - Chamberlin - Rob Burger  REVIEW  (***½/½)
Hampshire Jam Preserved  (2002) - Steve Dinsdale/Duncan Goddard (Radio Massacre International)  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
Hampshire Jam 'Jam' 2006  (2006) - Brendan Pollard
Head Music  (2012) - Tony "Frobisher Neck" Swettenham
Head Music 2  (2020) - Tony Swettenham
Hello Everyone: Popsike Sparks From Denmark Street 1968-70  (2014) - ?  REVIEW  (****/TT)
Higher & Higher: A Tribute to the Moody Blues  (2006) - ? (Ryan Guidry)/Øystein Larsen (Mikromidas)/Peter Lindahl (In the Labyrinth)/? (Joe Turner)/Don Falcone? (Spirits Burning)  REVIEW  (***/T½)
I Killed the Monster: 21 Artists Performing the Songs of Daniel Johnston  (2006) - Kramer (Dot Allison/Daniel Smith & Sufjan Stevens, Rope Inc & The Electric Ghosts)  REVIEW  (***/T½)
De Ijssel Stroomt Over, Volume #6  (2010) - Matthijs Herder (Oceana Company)
Industrial Chaos  (1990) - Scott Campbell (Scott Campbell)  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Kalevala: A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic  (2003) - Fredrik Karlsson (Sinkadus), Sofia Baccini  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
Let's Roll: Together in Unity, Faith & Hope  (2002) - Nick Moroch
The Letters: An Unconventional Italian Guide to King Crimson  (2003) - Sergio Taglioni (Three of a Charming Pair), Tiziano Rea (Giardini d'Autunno), Annino Vitale (Notturno Concertante)  REVIEW  (****/T)
Live From Nowhere Near You Vol II  (2011) - Marc Cappelle (Third Eye Blind)  REVIEW  (***/½)
Loneliest No More  (2001) - Ken Merbler
Lovers From the Sky (Pop Psych Sounds From the Apple Era 1968-1971)  (2010) - Steve Webber? (Promise)  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Lynne Me Your Ears: a Tribute to the Music of Jeff Lynne  (2001) - Scott Baggett/Chamberlin - Mitch Easter  REVIEW  (***/T)
Magnetic Filings: The E-Music Compilation Tape, Volume Two  (1991 cassette) - John McIntyre (Mutually Assured Destruction)
Mellodrama: The Mellotron Music  (2010) - Mattias Olsson/Brian Kehew/Damon Fox (Bigelf)/Chamberlin - Harry Chamberlin/Michael Penn/Patrick Warren/Birotron - Dave Biro  REVIEW  (***/TTTTT)
Music That Changes the World  (2012) - ? (Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger)  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Night Time Music: The BT Puppy Story (2004, recorded 1966-68) - Chamberlin? - (The Sundae Train/The Majic Ship)  REVIEW  (**½/TT)
No-One Can Do it All Alone: Big River Miscellany: A Collection of Original Music By Local Artists to Benefit the Fight Against Muscular Dystrophy  (1980) - Andrew Frye (L. Tyler)  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Odyssey: The Greatest Tale  (2005) - Maurizio Venegoni (CAP)  REVIEW  (***/½)
Omaggio al Maestro Ennio Morricone  (2017) - Andy Thompson/Matt Thompson (Zoltan)  REVIEW  (****/T)
Out of the Fog: The Halifax Underground 1986  (1986) - John Davis (Basic English), Chris Logan (Ridge of Tears)  REVIEW  (***/T)
Past, Present & Future  (1990) - Michael Mitchell/Chamberlin - Chip Gremillion (Lift)  REVIEW  (****½/T½)
Peace Frog Conquer the World  (2005) - Peter Lindahl (In the Labyrinth)  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Picnic: A Breath of Fresh Air  (1970) - Rick Wright (Pink Floyd)  REVIEW  (***/½)
Place of General Happiness: Lyrics By Ernest Noyes Brookings, Vol. 2  (1991) - Fred Frith (Fred Frith)/Sean Slade (Staff of Fort Apache)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Poor Little Knitter on the Road: a Tribute to The Knitters  (1999) - Ryan Adams (Whiskeytown)  REVIEW  (***½/½)
Postcards From the Deep  (2014) - Jim Licka (The Luck of Eden Hall)
The Prayer of Jabez: Music... A Worship Experience  [a.k.a. La Oracion de Jabes]  (2001) - Phil Madeira  REVIEW  (*/½)
Progfest '94  (1995) - Tomas Jonson/Anna Holmgren/Tord Lindman (Änglagård), Nicklas Berg (Anekdoten), David Kerzner (Giraffe), Toivo Pilt (Sebastian Hardie)  REVIEW  (****/TTTT)
Progfest '95  (1996) - Simon Nordberg (Landberk); Jan Tariq Rahman (White Willow); Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard)  REVIEW  (****½/TTT)
Progfest '97  (1997) - Martin Orford (John Wetton Band), Michele Bon (Le Orme), Tomas Bodin (Flower Kings), Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard), Damon Fox (Big Elf), Fredrik Karlsson (Sinkadus)  REVIEW  (****/TTT½)
Progfest 2000  (2001) - Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard), Erik Norlander (Rocket Scientists)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Psykosedyr Presents Sex Murder Art  (2009) - Lars-Fredrik Frøislie (Three Winters)
Randy Jackson's Music Club, Volume 1  (2008) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (*½/T)
Rare on Air, Vol. 1: KCRW Live Performances  (1994) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (***/T)
Rē Records Quarterly Vol. 3 No. 3  (1991) - Sanjay Kumar (5UU's)  REVIEW  (***/½)
Re-Evolution: FdM Sings the Hollies  (2013) - Tony Swettenham (Us & Them)
Reading Festival 1973  (1973) - Dave Greenslade (Greenslade)  REVIEW  (***/T)
Reading Rock Volume One  (1982) - Mark Kelly (Marillion)  REVIEW  (***/T)
Red Hot + Blue: a Tribute to Cole Porter  (1990) - Chamberlin - Tom Waits  REVIEW  (***/½)
Reminder  (2002) - Tim Christensen/Lars Skærbæk
Revelations Book II: POPaganda2 the Second Coming  (1999) - Rev. Vince Anderson
The Rime of the Ancient Sampler - the Mellotron Album  (1993) - Bill Nelson, Mike Pinder - Chamberlin, Patrick Moraz, Sheila Maloney, Derek Holt, Stuart "Woolly" Wolstenholme, Ken Freeman, David Cross, Chris Taylor, David Kean - Mellotron, Birotron & Chamberlin, David Etheridge  [plus others playing samples]  REVIEW  (***/TTTTT)
Rock Offers 2  (1977) - Peter Dillenberger (Quo Vadis)
Rökstenen: A Tribute to Swedish Progressive Rock of the 70's  (2010) - Alfio Costa (Daal), Daniel Karlsson (Divine Baze Orchestra), Matthijs Herder (Oceana Company), Peter Lindahl (In the Labyrinth)  REVIEW  (****/T½)
Roqueting Through Space  (2011) - Tony Swettenham (Frobisher Neck)  REVIEW  (****/T)
SI Magazine: Compilation Disc  (1991) - Mike Stobbie (Pallas)  REVIEW  (*½/½)
Shrunken Head Music  (2013 EP) - Tony "Frobisher Neck" Swettenham
Sideshows  (2015) - Jim Licka (The Luck of Eden Hall)  REVIEW  (****/T½)
Signs of Life: a Tribute to Pink Floyd  (2000) - Mindala  [a.k.a. Mind Over Matter]  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Sing Hollies in Reverse  (1995) - Chamberlin - Jon Brion/Mark Oliver "E" Everett  REVIEW  (****/T)
Song Reader: Twenty Songs By Beck  (2014) - Michael Rosen (Eleanor Friedberger)  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Sorcerain Perfect Collection  (1991) - Rei Atsumi
Sounds of Wood & Steel 3  (2003) - Charlie Lowell (Jars of Clay)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
The Spaghetti Epic 2: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly  (2006) - Alfio Costa (Tilion)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
The Spirit of the Black Rose: A Tribute to Philip Parris Lynott  (2001) - Damon Fox (Bigelf)  REVIEW  (***/T)
Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music From Vintage Disney Films  (1988) - Chamberlin - Mitchell Froom (Tom Waits)  REVIEW  (****/½)
Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before...  (2003) - Elizabeth Fraser  REVIEW  (***½/T)
The Stories of H.P. Lovecraft: A SyNphonic Collection  (2012) - Alfio Costa (Daal)  REVIEW  (****/T)
Surfonic Water Revival  (1998) - Phil Madeira
Surprise Your Pig: A Tribute to R.E.M.  (1992) - Chamberlin - Mitch Easter (Mitch Easter)  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams  (1993) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren (Michael Penn)  REVIEW  (***/½)
Tales From Yesterday  (1995) - Kevin Gilbert (Stanley Snail)  REVIEW  (****/½)
The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe: A SyNphonic Collection  (2010) - Alfio Costa (Daal)  REVIEW  (***/T)
A Testimonial Dinner: The Songs of XTC  (1995) - Dave Kershaw (Sarah McLachlan)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Things Go Better With Coke: Sixties Coca-Cola Commercials, 1965-69  (1996) - Mike Pinder (Moody Blues)  REVIEW  (**½/½)
This is an Orange  (1995) - Ulf Holmberg (Manticore), Jan Tariq Rahman (Orchid Garden), Nicklas Berg/Anna Sofi Dahlberg (Anekdoten)  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Thousand Days of Yesterdays: A Tribute to Captain Beyond  (1999) - Michele Profeti (Standarte), ? (Locomotive Breath)  REVIEW  (****/T½)
Through a Faraway Window: A Tribute to Jimmy Silva  (2010) - Scott McCaughey  REVIEW  (***½/½)
Time & Love: The Music of Laura Nyro  (1997) - Chamberlin - Mitchell Froom (Suzanna Vega)  REVIEW  (***/T)
Trampoline Records Greatest Hits, Vol. 1  (2002) - Mellotron & Chamberlin - Rami Jaffee (Xander Sky)  REVIEW  (***/TT)
Traveling Light: Songs From the 23rd Psalm  (2002) - John Painter/Phil Madeira  REVIEW  (**/½)
A Tribute to Curtis Mayfield  (1994) - Henry Hirsch (Lenny Kravitz)  REVIEW  (**/½)
Tuonen Tytär II: A Tribute to Finnish Progressive Rock of the 70's  (2009) - Alfio Costa/Bogáti-Bokor Akos  REVIEW  (****/½)
The Vegetable Man Project Vol. 3  (2004) - Peter Lindahl (In the Labyrinth)
Viva Noel: a Q Division Christmas  (1999) - Peter Linnane/Chamberlin - Colin Rhinesmith/Mike Denneen  REVIEW  (***/TT½)
We're a Happy Family: A Tribute to the Ramones  (2003) - Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson)  REVIEW  (***/T)
What the World Needs Now...: Big Deal Recording Artists Perform the Songs of Burt Bacharach  (1998) - Pete Weiss (Idle Grant Conspiracy)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
The 3rd Cyclops Sampler  (1996) - Anna Sofi Dahlberg (Anekdoten), Fredrik Karlsson (Sinkadus)  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
The 7 Samurai: The Ultimate Epic  (2006) - Maurizio Venegoni (CAP)  REVIEW  (***/TT)
7 Worlds Collide: The Sun Came Out  (2009) - Chamberlin - Neil Finn  REVIEW  (***/½)

The Bisbees  (US)
Album Length Demo  (1998)  Does this actually exist?
Easterwine  (US)
Nightlife of the Gods  (2004 single)  Does this actually exist?
Electrafixion  (UK)
Sister Pain  (1996 single)  extraordinarily unlikely
Pelle Hanspers  (Sweden)
Nearly Seven  (2003)  Despite the presence of a known Mellotronist, does this actually exist?
Kant  (UK?)
Intrinsic  (1982 EP)  Does this actually exist?
Liars  (UK)
Always Tell the Truth  (2000)  Does this actually exist?
Mike Madden  (US)
Millenium Mash  (1998)
Metallic Limits  (1999)  One vague mention on an old site referencing EM artists
One Way Ticket  (UK)
One Way Ticket  (1996, recorded 197?)  Was this actually released?
Peter Parker  (US)
Vanishing Point  (199?)
Perspective  (2000)  One vague mention on an old site referencing EM artists
Red Sedan  (UK)
Sandstone  (1998)  Only online references to deleted pages
Tempustry  (US)
Astral Gate  (2009?)  Trumpeted for several years, it seems unlikely that this ever actually appeared
Volkano  (Mexico)
El Viejo Hombre Huyó la Montaña  (2000?)  Does this actually exist?

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