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OK, cheeky bastard corner: at the time of writing, I've reviewed somewhere in the region of (ulp) 6000-odd titles on this site (with a little help from my friends). However, there are still (currently) around 600 site entries I haven't heard; the bulk of these are probably still in print, but there are still a good few that are, to my knowledge, OOP. This is where I need your help... Many friends and correspondents have extremely kindly supplied me with CD-Rs or download links to otherwise-unavailable recordings; admittedly copyright still exists on these, but their general unavailability makes them relatively fair game, in my humble opinion, although I'm not sure a court of law would agree. Anyway, if any of you can help me with any of the below, I'll not only try to help you with any rarities you're after, but will also namecheck you on the site. Deal?

Apologies to any artists concerned if your album is back in print; let me know and I'll remove it from this page. You could always send me a copy/link for review, though... If you have any info on any of the following, please e-mail or drop me a line via Facebook.

Last updated 31.1.21.

Actual Tigers  (US)
Gravelled & Green  (2001)
Joe Albarran  (US)
Expansion  (1994)
Alchemy  (Australia)
One Thing Leads to Another  (2011)
Alex  (Norway)
Alex  (1977)
Joe Algeri  (Australia)
Split EP with Sugarrush  (2003 EP)
The Stockholm Years  (2005)
All Golden  (US)
A Long Good Friday  (2003)
Steve Almaas  (US)
Human, All Too Human  (1998)
Alterkicks  (UK)
Private Life  (2005 b-side)
Lee Amlin  (Canada)
I Wanna Hold You  (1987)
Amphibic  (UK)
Film in My Head  (2004)
Al Anderson  (US)
Pay Before You Pump  (1996)
Dario Antonetti  (Italy)
Il Ritorno del Figlio dell'Estetica del Cane  (2009)
April Born  (Netherlands)
Autumn Leaves  (1973 single)
Army of Briars  (UK)
Army of Briars  (2007)
William Arpaia  (US)
The Arpaia Sound II  (1977)
Guy Phillipe Ayer  (Switzerland)
Diaphane  (1982)  [incomplete on YouTube]
Tony Bacardi & the Shakespearos  (US)
Aural Porn  (2003)
Bad Haskells  (US)
Day Glo  (1998)
Balcony  (UK)
777  (1998)
Banzai 3  (US)
Extra-Time Super Sound  (200?)
Marc Barreca  (US)
Tape-Recordings 1977-1983  (2015)
Based on Wood  (Netherlands)
Honey Rush/The Second One  (2012 single)
Beautiful Broken City  (Canada)
Ever So Exquisitely...  (2003)
Michael Behnan  (Canada)
Night Shift Life  (1979)
Sweet Cosima  (1980)
Bejole  (US)
Bejole: Cowboy  (1998)
Benjamin  (Canada)
Slo Mo Money Shot  (1997)
Bingo Durango  (US)
Coming Down  (2000)
Blackout Money  (US)
Burnout  (2010 EP)
Jim Blair  (Canada)
Turn the Tide  (1986)
Blauklang  (Germany)
Events  (1988 cassette)
1991  (1991 cassette)
Asia  (1994 cassette)
Bleu  (US)
Headroom  (2000)
Bloom  (US)
Big Block  (1996)
Bluebird  (US)
Everyman in Wonderland  (2014)
Bodega  (Canada)
Without a Plan  (2001)
Gilles Boisvert  (Québec)
Chansons pour Méditer  (1972?)
Bonic  (Australia)
Bonic  (2002)
Booming Airplanes  (Canada)
Yarn  (1996)
Edmond S. Bordeaux & Norma Jean Nilsson  (US)
The Art of Asha of Zarathustra/Journey to the Cosmic Ocean  (1966)  [and any other relevant Bordeaux titles I haven't reviewed]
Borys (Benzo)  (Spain)
Mira Ese Hombre/Gracias a la Vida  (1974 single)
De Bossen  (Belgium)
Feel the Beating  (2000)
Regis Boulard  (France)
Streamer  (2005)
David Bowie  (UK)
Live in Berlin [1978] L.P.  (2018)
Luk Bral  (Belgium)
Vrije Vogel  (1974)
Brave  (US)
Brave  (1996)
Mara Lynn Brown  (US)
God Bless California  (1973 b-side)
Brundlefly  (Canada)
By the Way  (2002)
Paul Bryan  (US)
Handcuff King  (2003)
Butterflies  (US?)
Butterflies  (1997)
Ray Buttigieg  (US)
Music for Movies  (1986)
By the Fireside  (UK)
Battles That Add Up to None  (2004 EP)
Then Came Noon  (2006 EP)
The Great Hartford Fire  (2008)
The Bye Bye Blackbirds  (US)
Houses & Homes  (2008)
California  (US)
Song of a Thousand Voices/Abraham, Martin & John  (1976 single)
I'm Just Thinking of You  (1976 single)
Brown Eyed Girl  (1982 single)
He's Almost You  (1982 single)
Joie Calio  (US)
Complications of Glitter  (2004)
Camphor  (US)
Silver & Gold  (2001 EP)
Candles  (US?)
If Found, Cast in Sea  (2004 EP)
The Carolinas  (US)
The Carolinas  (1996 EP)
Dave Cartwright  (UK)
Back to the Garden  (1973)
Terry Cashman  (US)
Terry Cashman  (1976)
Casino Drive  (Japan)
From the Back Door of Eden  (1994)
Jimmy Catlett  (US)
Waiting to Fall Off the Earth  (2005)
Eugene Chadbourne  (US)
Young & Innocent Days  (2000)
Chalice  (Australia)
Overflow: A Retrospective 1974-1977  (2016)
Brian Charles  (US)
Sadderdaydreaming  (2000)
Cinnamon  (Japan)
Cinnamon III  (1994)
Jonathan Clark  (US)
I'm Just Sayin'  (2009)
Robert Coates  (US)
Up From the River  (1999)
Cola  (US)
Whatnot  (1997)
Checco Comelli  (Italy)
Lasciala Andare/Ma Cosa Vuoi Che Sappia  (197? single)
Convoy  (US)
Black Licorice  (2001)
Julian Cope  (UK)
Barrowlands  (2019)
Crandall Brothers  (US)
Thank God for the Old Rugged Cross  (19?)
Crashing Dreams  (Germany)
Minimum to Exist  (2004)
Creature Comforts  (US)
Teaching Little Fingers to Play  (2001)
Crushed  (US)
The Closed Room  (1993 EP)
Matthew Custar  (US?)
Lullabies in the Key of Blue  (2001)
D.C. Fontana  (UK)
The Snake  (199? single)
Daal  (Italy)
Echoes of Falling Stars  (2011)
Larissa Dalle  (US)
Piscean  (1998)
Deadman  (US)
In the Heart of Mankind  (2005 EP)
Derelict Brew  (US)
Amputated Feelings  (2002)
Jennie Devoe  (US)
Fireworks & Karate Supplies  (2005)
Dilldallholom  (Norway)
Stålfinger  (1999)
Dr. Ja  (2002)
Fra Munchausen Med Kofix  (2009)
Todd Dillingham  (US)
The Twelve Breams of Dr. Sardine & Us  (1996 EP)
Doctor Pop  (Spain)
Doctor Pop  (1973)
Doctor X & His Groovalicious Astrobeats  (US)
Lost in the Psychedelic Sixties  (2000)
Dope  (UK)
Guerilla Grow  (2017)
Seven Disquieting Dirges  (2018)
Village Idiot Dope  (2018)
Odin on Acid  (2019)
Double U  (US)
White Night, Floating Anchor  (2002)
Drs. P  (Netherlands)
Een Flitsende Soiree Met Drs. P  (1975)
Dunk  [or D.U.N.K.]  (Canada)
Time to Fly  (1999)
DyingDream  (Canada)
DyingDream  (2005)
Earlies  (UK)
I've Been Waiting/Ballad for Thomas Danger  (2005 single)
Elisabeth [G. Nielsen]  (Denmark)
Hun Danser en Morgen  (1993)
Emma  (US)
Emma  (2009)
Evangelion of Darkness  (Italy)
Timeline  (2003)
Everything She Wants  (Japan)
Everything She Wants  (1994)
Evescape  (US)
The Feel  (1997 EP)
Exquisite Delight of Being  (Belgium)
4 Covers  (2007 EP)
Bruce Farkus  (US?)
In a Quiet Moment  (197?)
The Father, the Son & the Holy Simon  (Belgium)
Light Shining Through  (2013)
Ferris Wheel  (US)
The Wrigley Field Faithful  (2009)
Chris Field  (Canada)
All the Drugs in the World  (2002)
Fit + Limo  (Germany)
Terra Incognita  (2004)
Flannelmouth  (Finland)
I've Seen Nothing Yet  (2002 EP)
Don Fleming  (US)
Because Tomorrow Comes  (1996 EP)
Flick  (US)
Flick  [a.k.a. Booger]  (1997 EP)
Flint  (US)
White Trash Folklore  (1998)
I'm Not Chinese  (1999 EP)
Soggy  (2000)
Florapop  (US)
Sunshine Saturday  (2003)
Fludd  (Canada)
Piece of Alright  (1974 b-side)
Flying Aces  (UK)
Seashell  (2002)
Forever Goldrush  (US)
Halo in My Backpack  (2000)
John J. Francis  (Australia)
Open Fist  (1974)
Danny Frankel  (US)
Jupiter, Now!  (1995 EP)
Evan Frankfort  (US)
Erbudie Scurbudie  (1999)
Debbie Friedman  (US)
One People  (2006)
Annika Frölander  (Sweden)
Caroline  (1995 single)
Furlong  (US)
Sex Bunker  (2012 single)
Furthurs  (Germany)
From the Wells of Disappointment  (2007)
f.u.z.z.  (US)
f.u.z.z.  (1999)
Egil Fylling  (Norway)
Bound for Space  (1987)
AQi Fzono  (Japan)
Echoes  (1990)
Boris Gardiner  (Jamaica)
For All We Know  (1972)
Germain Gauthier  (Québec)
Germain Gauthier  (1974)
George  (US)
Waltz of the Egret  (199?)
Goran Gerin  (Yugoslavia)
Dok Gledam Sliku  (1975 single)
Ruth Gerson  (US)
Wake to Echo  (2003)
Ghost Stories  (US)
Quixoticism  (2007)
Kate Gibson  (US?)
Weary Remedy  (1996)
Justin Glanville  (US)
Blue Stars  (2006)
Keith Glass  (Canada)
Straight Ahead  (2001)
John Gogo  (Canada)
Leave a Light on  (1997)
J.A. Granelli & Mr. Lucky  (US)
Gigantic  (2003)
Grey Eye Glances  (US)
Painted Pictures  (1998)
Grobschnitt  (Germany)
Live in Würzburg 1979  (2013)
Live in Trier 1981-1  (2013)
Groovy Man  (Canada)
The Redneck Cookbook  (2001)
Gus (Black)  (US)
Gus  (1996)
Word of Mouth Parade  (1999)
Regin Guttesen  (Faroe Islands)
Fjakkari  (2009)
Billy Hallquist  (US)
Travelin'  (1975)
Rebecca Hancock & the Prison Wives  (Australia)
Somewhere to Land  (1993)
The Hand  (US)
Mule Me  (1996)
Tony Hazzard & Richard Barnes  (UK)
Tony Hazzard & Richard Barnes  (1976)
Healing Ghosts  (US)
Maggio  (2000)
A Heart is an Airport  (Germany)
Your Loudest is Not Your Bravest  (2009)
Hector  (Finland)
Total Live! 1991-2003  (2003)
Hedge Hog  (Norway)
Thorn Cord Wonder  (1995)
Staffan Hellstrand (Tillsammans Med Nomads)  (Sweden)
Pascha Jims Dagbok  (1996)
Starsång  (2001)
Johan Heltne  (Sweden)
Skisser av en Vacker Plats  (2005)
Hemlok  (US)
Cybernaut  (2007)
The Henrys  (Canada)
Joyous Porous  (2002)
Heretic  (Japan)
Drugging for M  (1997)
Heroes UK  (US)
Hello > Hello  (2010 EP)
James Hersch & Tim Miller  (US)
Butterman's Ball  (1975)
Chris Hess  (US)
Blind Octopus Grey  (2008)
Hikashu  (Japan)
Pre-Hikashu [a.k.a. Haru?]  (1998, recorded 1977-78, as Pre-Hikashu)
Peter Himmelstrand  (Sweden)
Svenska Danshits  (1976)
Johan Fredrik Holst  (Norway)
Jealous Morning Sky  (2005 EP)
Michael Holt  (US)
Pilot Single  (2003)
Home  (US)
Kittycat  (1990?)
Hugh Hopper  (UK)
Bass on Top, Volume 8  (2015)
Hypnosis  (UK)
Medicine Works Like Magic  (2000)
Mamoru Ichikawa  (Japan)
21-Sai  (197? EP)
In the Cage  (UK)
Live Volume 1  (2005)
Intra  (US)
Chemical  (1984 EP)
Photis Ionatos  (Greece)
Chante Kavafis Elytis Ritsos  (1979)
Ivdia  (Puerto Rico)
Evolución  (2004)
Jærrock  (Norway)
Spor  (1999)
The Janet  (Japan)
Green Speedway  (1974)
Anata e  (1975 single)
Roy Jay  (US)
Joy Ray  (2011)
Jee Dubbel O Pee  (Netherlands)
Gedachtenstof Vegen  (2010)
Johnny Society  (US)
It Don't Matter  (1997)
Wood  (1998)
Jonah  (US)
Jonah  (1974)
Junction 51  (US)
Bull in a China Shop  (1997)
Karon [Blackwell]  (US)
Live in Concert  (1977)
Kerry-Fleur  (UK)
Mistake You for Me  (2005 EP)
King of Rocksprings  (US)
The Milkman vs. the Postman Problem: A Comedy in 5 Parts  (2009 EP)
Dan Kristofferson  (Norway)
I'll Start Again  (2006 EP)
Joel Kroeker  (Canada)
Closer to the Flame  (2007)
Krÿsa  (Czech Republic)
Bigbitovej Podraz  (1991 EP)
Chad Lamarsh  (US)
Anytime/Anywhere  (2003)
Last Dance on Earth  (US)
The Last Dance on Earth  (2007)
The Lazily Spun  (UK)
Lazily Spun  (2003)
Félix Leclerc/Claude Léveillée  (Québec)
La Légende du Petit Ours Gris/Le Journal d'un Chien (Extraits)  (1979)
Nathan Lee  (US)
Risk Everything  (2009)
Maurizio Leonardi  (Italy)
Vivila Cosi  (2005)
Peter Lerche  (Finland)
Peshawar Diary  (2002)
Levis Hostel  (Italy)
Star Bell Jar (the Spirit of Christmas Won't Set Me Free Till Next Summer)  (2009)
Liferain  (Norway)
Words From an Empty Letter Box  (1998)
Limelight  (UK)
Take a Look Around/Run  (1972 single)
David Linx  (Belgium)
L'Instant d'Apres  (2001)
David Liska  (US)
Startin(g) All Over Again  (1976)
Lolita∞Complex  (Japan)
Lolita∞Complex  (2000)
Don Lombardi  (US)
Sunny Afternoons  (1983 single)
Michael Lord  (US)
More Water  (2000)
The Love Supreme  (US)
The Love Supreme  (2000)
Barbara M  (US)
Hi Steppin'  (1987 single)
MD19  (US)
The Promise on Dresser's Door  (1998)
Terry McCann  (UK)
Stand Back - its Rent-a-Crowd  [a.k.a. Friends in Harmony?]  (1975)
Melissa McClelland  (Canada)
Thumbelina's One Night Stand  (2006)
McClurg Family  (US)
Mostly Mary/Good News  (197?)
Martin McFaul  (Sweden)
Maybe You & Me  (2005 EP)
Ian McGlynn  (US)
Ian McGlynn  (1998 EP)
Brad Mackeson  (US)
1945  (2012)
McKinley  (US)
Big Top Shop Talk  (1998)
Magdalenes  (US)
Fast Luck  (1998)
Magnolia Summer  (US)
Levers & Pulleys  (2003)
Mako  (Austria)
In Other Regions  (1986)
Mandala  (UK)
Before Memory  (2005)
Michael Mangia  (US)
Invisible Wall  (2004)
Marathon  (US)
The Year of You  (2001)
Marble Orchard  (US)
Agent Invisible  (1992)
Martin's Dam  (US)
Sky Above  (1998)
Marz & Eperjessy  (Germany)
Marz & Eperjessy  (1971)
Maskit Chamber  (US)
The 4th Wave  (2001)
Terry Masters  (US)
Thesaurus  (197?)
Matter  (US)
Matter  (1993)
Max  (US)
Ride the Dove  (1998)
Max Mouse & the Gorillas  (Canada)
Who is This Max Mouse Anyway?  (1978)
Stilla Gorilla  (1979)
Maxwell Plumm  (UK)
Maxwell Plumm  (1974)
We Can Work it Out  (c.1975)
Melt  (Norway)
...Introducing the Rootsless Youth  (1998)
Menschenfischer  (Germany)
...Rot  (1998)
Midwest  (Italy)
Town & Country  (2002)
Mikromidas  (Norway)
Tre ut av Tiden!  (2014)
Milky  (Sweden)
Milky Way  (1995)
Millennium  (US)
Millennium  (1973)  (Christian outfit, a.k.a. Farrell & Farrell)
Minus 5  (US)
Sad Hasselhoff  (2009 EP)
Mobsters  (UK)
'Translucent'  (2006 download)
Montreal Sound  (Québec)
One More Time  (1979)
Moonwater  (US)
Invitation  (1995)
The Moor  (Sweden)
Live Stupidity & Other Embarrassing Moments  (1994)
Ken Moore  (US)
June, Friday the 13th: Bread & Roses Coffeehouse  (1981 cassette)
C. Moorhead  (US)
Jesus, the Word God in Holy Gospel Hymns  (1975)
Mouches Volantes  (Norway)
Psailing the Seas of Vitrous Humour  (2007)
Mountaineer  (Germany)
Sleep & Me  (2004)
The Mouse That Roared  (US)
Excommunicator  (2006)
Muscle Beat  (Japan)
Muscle Beat  (1987)
Mystery Band  (UK)
Wood  (2006)
Nadas  (US)
Show to Go  (2001)
Masatoshi Nakamura  (Japan)
Fureai  (1974)
Jay Nash  (US)
Some Kind of Comfort  (2005)
Nina Nastasia  (US)
Run to Ruin  (2003)  (Japanese issue bonus track only)
Neko  (Japan)
Nimaime  (1973)
New Hope  (US)
Green Grass (of My Homeland)  (1973 single)
Martin Newcomb  (UK)
The Lavenham Feeling  (1997)
Sombre Suite  (1999)
Nicol & Marsh  (UK)
Nicol & Marsh  (1978)
Nieuwe Snaar  (Belgium)
De Vierde Maat  (2000)
Niko  (Belgium)
A.S.A.P.  (1998)
Nine Mile  (Canada)
Close to Touch  (2004)
Noiz  (Japan)
Noiz  (1983)
Monte Nordstrom  (Canada)
After All...  (2004)
Noujoum  (Morocco)
Sleepless in Tanger  (1997)
Lena Nyman  (Sweden)
Bloss  (1997)
Oak  (Netherlands)
Sleep Dream Walk Enter  (2007)
Oblivion  (Norway)
Wide Awake in Dreamland  (1998)
The Odysseys  (Canada)
The Odysseys  (2007)
Ohm  (US)
Voices  (1999)
Goro Ohmi & Big Mouth  (Japan)
Guin Saga  (1983)
Guin Saga II  (1984)
Guin Saga: Graffiti  (1985)
Guin Saga: War Battle  (1985)
Rick Oliver  (UK)
Continual Battle of Thoughts  (2006)
One Way Ticket  (UK)
Return Journey  (2017)
Onion Band  (UK)
Now There's a Thing...!  (1988)  [as The Celebrated Onion Band]
Entirely Made of Wood!  (1991)  [complete, not truncated Bandcamp version]
Our Friend the Atom  (US)
A Fury in Your Words  (2006)
Paige  (US)
Paige  (2001)
Pat & Sandy  (US)
Magic Minstrels Music  (197?)
Matt Patrick  (US)
Change  (2002)
Arth-Paul-Orchester  (Germany)
Roth-Händle Präsentiert Händel und Andere Komponisten im Arth-Paul-Sound  (1975)
The Peanuts  (Japan)
Ai no Yukue  (1974 single)
Love  (1974)
Pedro & Capricious  (Japan)
Kareinaru Nyū Poppu no Sekai  (1973)
Pee Wee Fist  (US)
Flying  (2001)
Chris Pelcer  (Australia)
Can't Find Reverse  (1980)
People Who Must  (US)
Lost Wire Transfer  (1997)
Phy  (Norway)
Soil  (1997 EP)
Pineforest Crunch  (Sweden)
Innocent  (2000 EP)
Pink Cloud  (Japan)
Alive  (1985)
Plastic People  (Netherlands)
Plastic People  (1971)
Plasticland  (US)
Confetti  (1990)
Plush  (US)
Underfed  (2004)
Point of Departure  (UK)
Magic Circles/Magic Circles (instrumental) (1991 single)
Andy Pratt & Mark Doyle  (US)
Cover Me  (2003)
Chris Prentice  (New Zealand)
Trianon  (1993 cassette)
Archer Prewitt  (US)
4 Track Songs  (1997 EP)  [free with some versions of In the Sun]
Christian Prommer  (Germany)
Space Jam 2000.17  (2007 b-side)
Pronssinen Pokaali  (Finland)
Kuvia  (1998)
Prucel  (Norway)
Easy Pieces  (1975)
PurPeLoid  (Canada)
EuphoraPhonic  (2002)
Quasifunk  (Germany)
Quasifunk 1  (1999)
Quasifunk 2  [a.k.a. Gemüsefresse]  (2000)
Radio Massacre International  (UK)
Walking on the Sea  (2004)
Radius  (UK)
There is No Peace  (1995)
Rainy Day  (Netherlands)
Black Flowers  (2010 EP)
Reflexbandet  (Finland)
Reflexer  (1976)
Gordon Reid  (UK)
Aliens  (2000)
Revel  (Greece)
Revel  (2007)
Lee Richards  (US)
Another Day in Paradise  (2006)
The Riding Sixties  (Italy)
Beat  (2001)
The Ritz  (Australia)
A Diamond as Big as the Ritz  (1977)
Jess Roden  (UK)
Hidden Masters, disc 6: The Sub's Bench  (2012)
Johnny Rodgers Band  (US)
Bound Together  (2008 EP)
Glenys Rogers  (US)
Goatskinwishes  (2000)
Rod Rogers  (US)
Join in the Fight for Freedom/Ballad of MacArthur  (1965 single)
Pernille Rosendahl  (Denmark)
Dream Away  (1997 EP)
The Roswells  (Canada)
Mantra  (2000)
Royal Notes  (UK)
Impressions of Mike Oldfield  (1974)
The Ruby Rakes  (US)
The Ruby Rakes  (2001)
Runes Order  (Italy)
Disco Nero  (2010)
Ryat  (US)
Street Noise Orkestra  (2009)
Blakey St. John  (US)
40 White Pearls  (1995)
Salako  (UK)
The Story of Our Life So Far  (2004)
Jacques Salvail  (Québec)
P'tit Bout de Langue Feeling  (1974)  [original release, not 2000s compilation]
Heidi Saperstein  (US)
The Devil I Once Knew  (2001)
Scaramangas  (Sweden)
Le Monde Bizarre  (2003 EP)
Scarecrows  (Norway)
Rattlesnake Law  (2003)
Dennis Schocket  (US)
The Cinderblock Mansion  (2008)
Debby Schwartz  (US)
Wrongs of Passage  (1998)
Scuba la Booba  (US)
Scuba la Booba  (2000)
Seahorse Radio  (Australia)
Prime  (2003)
The Selzers  (US)
The Jambox  (2000)
Masanori Sera  (Japan)
Sho  (2003)
Shekinah  (US)
(Timetable)  (1978)
Nathan Sheppard  (US)
Laughing & Crying  (1998)
Jeff Sherman  (US)
Above & Beyond  (2002)
Home  (2003)
Shinsekai  (Japan)
Shinsekai  (2005)
Shiva Speedway  (US)
Psychic City  (1999)
Shiva's Quintessence  (UK)
Shiva Shakti  (2003)
Cosmic Surfer  (2005)
Silent Springs  (US?)
Silent Springs  (2013)
Skating Club  (US)
Bugs & Flowers  (2003)
Skybolt 6  (US)
Bells of Bricktown  (1999)
Don Slepian  (US)
Introspection  (2000)
Azalia Snail  (US)
Brazen Arrows  (2002)
Snakehips  (US)
Turn You on  (2001)
Monster Bars  (2004)
Snow & Voices  (US)
Snow & Voices  (2005)
Solarcane  (US)
Book of Alibis  (1999)
Somersault  (Germany)
By Your Side  (2003)
Sonic Six  (US)
Music for Private Listening  (1998)
Sonores  (Sweden)
Elefanten  (2006)
Titti Sotto  (Cuba)
¿Quieres Jugar?-¿Wanna Play?  (1978)
Sparkledrive  (US)
Sparkledrive  (2001)
Suzanna Spring  (US)
She's Got Your Heart  (2004)
Starry Crowns  (US)
Whiskey Braid  (2010 single) [on Split With Aloonaluna]
Stereo Workers Union  (US)
God Bless the Stereo Workers Union  (2008)
Stockhaus  (Norway)
Underdog  (2001 EP)
Kelley Stoltz  (US)
The Past Was Faster  (1999)
Stone Foundation  (UK)
Inventing Ways to Fly  (2001 EP)
A Country Mile of Rumours  (2002 EP)
Happiness Was Here  (2004)
Studio 13  (US)
Perpetuum Mobile  (2002)
Sugarwood  (UK)
Catch a Breeze & Fly  (1997)
Love, Loss & Carparks  (1998 EP)
Masato Sugimoto  (Japan)
Asufaruto  (1975)
Jiro Sugita  (Japan)
Portrait of Jiro Sugita  (1973)
Per Sundbom  (Sweden)
Epiquirium  (1999)
Super Groovy Gogo  (Canada)
Oh Wow  (2001)
Supercuz  (US)
International Times  (1998)
Superflow  (US)
Going Out Heavy  (2005)
Superstatic  (US)
Flinty Loam  (2000)
T.C.  (US)
Lamanite  (1976)
TV Toy  (US)
Building With Assurance  (1981 EP)
Talking Trees  (UK)
Talking Trees  (2002)
Terry & the Gospel Express  (US)
On the Right Track  (197?)
Then  (Canada)
Ancient Daze  (1996)
Thunderbolt Pagoda  (US)
Thunderbolt Pagoda  (2008)
Tigerlily  (Norway)
Tigerlily  (2003)
Time  (US)
Better Off  (2005)
Rebecca Timmons  (Canada)
Rebecca Timmons  (1995)
Tones  (US?)
Stars Fire & Water  (1984)
Transportation  (US?)
Transportation  (1996)
Nicholas Tremulis  (US)
King of the Hill  (1993 EP)
Truly  (US)
Wheels on Fire  (2018 EP)
Tsukihiko  (Japan)
Le Corde Sono Suonate Con le Dita Maledette  (2005)
Tulip  (Japan)
Live!! Act Tulip  (1973)
Turnerjoy  (US)
Hope  (2000)
Valerie Tyler  (US)
Rock & Roll High School/Catherine Street  (1983 single)
Indian Woman  (1983 single)
I'm Dancin'  (1984 single)
Umber Sleeping  (US)
Psychedelic Sci-Fi New Wave Fusion Band Vol. 1  (2006)
Unit  (Norway/Japan)
Falls From View  (2011 single)
Us & Them  (Sweden)
Fading Within the Dwindling Sun  (2016 EP)
Use of Ashes  (Netherlands)
Love is the Universe  (1997 b-side)
The Rosebud Years  (2000)
George Usher  (US)
Miracle School  (1996)
Utopians  (UK)
Britain's Littlest Killer  (2006 EP)
For Nearby Stars  (2001)
Valvola  (Italy)
Discover Another Side of Valvola  (1998)
Vasil Zook  (US)
The Last Live Show  (1997)
Visions  (US)
Perfect Day  (1978)
Voyager  (US)
Contact  (1987)
Freddie Wadling  (Sweden)
Jag är Monstret  (2005)
Mark Wagner  (US)
Long Way From Montana  (2006)
Walrus  (Japan)
Tokuiten no Heya  (2004)
Warm Morning  (Italy)
Feather  (2005)
Web  (Norway)
Water in Pyaemia  (1996)
Olavi Wellamoinen & Auringonkukkaorkesteri  (Finland)
Läpi Portin  (2005)
Tommy West  (US)
Hometown Frolics  (1976)
West Seventies  (Ireland)
The Deeper You Go  (2004)
Western States  (US)
Trouble in the Union  (2004)
Wholy Martin  (Norway)
Vampire Songs  (2004)
Wiik & Winje  (Norway)
Wiik & Winje  (1975)
Wilshire  (US)
Second Story  (2000)
Barry Winslow  (US)
I Love a Good Mystery  (1985 single)
Without Ruth  (US)
Circus Girl  (2001)
Wooden Circus  (US)
Lemon Drop  (1998)
Wrecks  (Sweden)
Wrecks  (2002)
Yumiko Yamamura  (Japan)
Yumiko Yamamura  (1974)
Yonkers  (US)
Wormwood  (1975)  [NOT 1976 'John & David Yonker' remixed version]
Shinobu Yoshioka  (Japan)
Water the Flower  (1996)
You Bastard  (US)
We Suck But We're Prompt  (1997)
Zarquon  (UK)
Cloud Memories  (2000)
Zervas & Pepper  (UK)
Somewhere in the City  (2011)
279 Fantastic Band  (Japan)
Once for All  (1976)
Original Cast
Steal This Movie  (2000) [soundtrack, not score]
En Kort en Lang: Originalt Soundtrack  (2001)
Music From MTV Spyder Games  (2001)
Songs for a Soundtrack: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Simon & Malou  (2009)
Very Extremely Dangerous  (2013)
...And We All Sing Along Like Before: A Tribute to Del Amitri By Their Fans  (2005? download)
Beautiful Escape: The Songs of The Posies Revisited  (2008)
Christmas Songs  (2000)  [Nettwerk, Canada]
A Christmas to Remember  (1998) [Velvet, US]
Concerts at Jodrell Bank 2000  (2000)
Doggie Pound: a Beatific Bundle of Norwegian Indies  (1999)
Floralia Vol. 3  (1999)
Forever Dusty: A Tribute to Dusty Springfield  (2000)
Get Loaded 3  (2007)
Hampshire Jam 'Jam' 2006  (2006)
Happy Holidays From Manage This! Unreleased Tidbits & Niblets 1998  (1998)
Have a Holly Raleigh Christmas, Volume II  (2007)
De Ijssel Stroomt Over, Volume #6  (2010)
Intertwined: I Hope This Helps in Some Way  (MP3, 2001)
Let's Roll: Together in Unity, Faith & Hope  (2002)
Loneliest No More  (2001)
Loverly Music: The Singles, 1997-1999  (1999)
Magnetic Filings: The E-Music Compilation Tape, Volume Two  (1991 cassette)
Mama Kangaroos: Philly Women Sing Captain Beefheart  (2005)
Men in Plaid: A Tribute to the Bay City Rollers  (2004)
Portobello Shuffle: A Testimonial to Boss Goodman and Tribute to the Deviants and Pink Fairies  (2011)
Psykosedyr Presents Sex Murder Art  (2009)
Re-Evolution: FdM Sings the Hollies  (2013)
Redroom  (2001)  [prod. Matt Howden]
Reminder  (2002)  [Sony Denmark]
Revelations Book II: POPaganda2 the Second Coming  (1999)  [as Ron English?]
Rock Offers 2  (1977)
Shrunken Head Music  (2013 EP)
Sonic Protest: Compilation 2CD 2008  (2008)
Songs for a Soundtrack: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Simon & Malou  (2009)
Splashed With Many a Speck  (1997)
The Vegetable Man Project Vol. 3  (2004)
The Wish List  (2003)  [including the Dukes of Stratosphear]