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Well, since I've migrated to my new web host, my spam count on the new address remains at zero, though I suspect it's only a matter of time... as a result, I'm afraid I'm going to have to continue doing the following:

My spam count was at around 150 a day, and I would imagine that most of them came from 'bots sent out by spammers who 'harvested' my address from the site. Three ways round this:

  1. Ask people to fill in a web form, which can be sent to me
  2. Do what I've done here
  3. Don't allow anyone to contact me

Option 1) is a nuisance, and I know from experience that my ISP's server doesn't like CGI script very much, 3) is idiotic, so I've gone for 2).

So... web 'bots can't read this, but you can. Please use the address below:

'info', 'at', 'website address'

Many thanks in advance to everyone who gets in touch, and please don't let this ridiculous subterfuge put you off! I reply to everyone who writes to me, and I appreciate all mail, so I hope you won't mind making slightly more effort to do so. Incidentally, if I don't reply, it almost certainly means I didn't get your mail for whatever reason, so please feel free to send it again.