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In case anyone finds their way to this page, this is a relatively unordered list of people who have helped me with the site in one way or another, with explanations where applicable. At risk of sounding cheesy, THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU!! It wouldn't be precisely true to say 'I couldn't have done it without you (sniff)', but your individual and collective help has improved the site immeasurably, giving me innumerable new list entries and many more reviews. Cheers!


For information

I must've been sent information by literally hundreds of people over the last few years - far too many to mention everyone individually, anyway, so a heartfelt thanks to all my contributors. However, a few people work (or have worked) well above and beyond the call of duty on my behalf, including:

I have many more regular correspondents, but these are my top informants - apologies if your name isn't here...

For writing reviews


A great many musicians, most of them Mellotron players past and present have contacted me at one time or another, and often sent me material for review, but among the people who've stayed in touch are:


And for lengthy e-mail chats, practical help, supplying rarities for review and a million other essential skills:

...And several billion others.