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OK, cheeky bastard corner: at the time of writing, I've reviewed somewhere in the region of (ulp) 6000-odd titles on this site (with a little help from my friends). However, there are still (currently) well over 1600 site entries I haven't heard; the bulk of these are probably still in print, but there are still a good few that are, to my knowledge, OOP. This is where I need your help... Many friends and correspondents have extremely kindly supplied me with CD-Rs or download links to otherwise-unavailable recordings; admittedly copyright still exists on these, but their general unavailability makes them relatively fair game, in my humble opinion, although I'm not sure a court of law would agree. Anyway, if any of you can help me with any of the below, I'll not only try to help you with any rarities you're after, but will also namecheck you on the site. Deal?

Since checking the supposed availability of over a thousand albums isn't really an option at the moment, I've included almost everything pre-1990 (unless I directly know of a reissue), some lesser-known '90s stuff (particularly singles/EPs) and some Japanese releases which have probably never received much distribution in the West. Incidentally, apologies to any artists concerned if your album is back in print; let me know and I'll remove it from this page. You could always send me a copy for review, though... Bear in mind that this is nowhere near my complete 'wants' list, but I'm not going to encourage anyone to openly flout copyright laws for in-print items, although, of course, I'm interested in hearing anything listed on the site that I haven't already reviewed. If you have any info on any of the following, please e-mail or drop me a line via Facebook.

Bucky Adams & Basin Street  (Canada)
Bucky Adams & Basin Street at Privateers' Warehouse  (1976)
Joe Albarran  (US)
Expansion  (1994)
Alex  (Norway)
Alex  (1977)
Lee Amlin  (Canada)
I Wanna Hold You  (1987)
Al Anderson  (US)
Pay Before You Pump  (1996)
Anzen Band  (Japan)
Anzen Band no Fushigi na Tabi  (1976)
April Born  (Netherlands)
Autumn Leaves  (1970 single)
Arden House  [a.k.a Jasper Wrath]  (US)
Coming Home  (1977)
William Arpaia  (US)
The Arpaia Sound II  (1977)
Audra & Alayna  (US)
Audra & Alayna  (1998)
Guy Phillipe Ayer  (Switzerland)
Diaphane  (1982)  [incomplete on YouTube]
Bad Haskells  (US)
Day Glo  (1998)
Adrian Baker  (UK)
Into a Dream  (1975)
Balcony  (UK)
777  (1998)
Banzai 3  (US)
Extra-Time Super Sound  (200?)
Bazooka!  (Sweden)
Wild Life Excursion  (1994)
Michael Behnan  (Canada)
Night Shift Life  (1979)
Sweet Cosima  (1980)
Bejole  (US)
Bejole: Cowboy  (1998)
Joost Belinfante  (Netherlands)
Als een Rivier  (1997)
Benjamin  (Canada)
Slo Mo Money Shot  (1997)
Borys Benzo  (Spain)
Mira Ese Hombre/Gracias a la Vida  (1970 single)
Bisbees  (US)
Album Length Demo  (1998)
Jim Blair  (Canada)
Turn the Tide  (1986)
Blauklang  (Germany)
Events  (1988 cassette)
1991  (1988 cassette)
Asia  (1994 cassette)
Bloom  (US)
Big Block  (1996)
Gilles Boisvert  (Québec)
Chansons pour Méditer  (1972?)
Booming Airplanes  (Canada)
Yarn  (1996)
Edmond S. Bordeaux & Norma Jean Nilsson  (US)
The Art of Asha of Zarathustra/Journey to the Cosmic Ocean  (1966)  [and any other Bordeaux titles I don't have]
Luk Bral  (Belgium)
Vrije Vogel  (1974)
Brave  (US)
Brave  (1996)
Mara Lynn Brown  (US)
God Bless California  (1973 single)
Butterflies  (US?)
Butterflies  (1997)
Ray Buttigieg  (US)
Music for Movies  (1986)
Buzz  (Japan)
Requiem the City  (1974)
François Cahen/Didier Lockwood  (France)
Thank You Friends  (1978)
California  (US)
See You in September  (1973 single)
Abraham, Martin & John/Song of a Thousand Voices  (1976 single)
Brown Eyed Girl  (1982 single)
He's Almost You  (1982 single)
The Carolinas  (US)
The Carolinas  (1996 EP)
Dave Cartwright  (UK)
Back to the Garden  (1973)
Casino Drive  (Japan)
From the Back Door of Eden  (1994)
Corrado Castellari  (Italy)
Gente Così...  (1975)
Mayumi Chiwaki  (Japan)
Jewels  (1985 EP)  [or Poppermost compilation]
Cinnamon  (Japan)
Cinnamon III  (1994)
Robert Coates  (US)
Up From the River  (1999)
Cola  (US)
Whatnot  (1997)
Colt Thirtyeight  (Italy)
A Freak Experiment Through the 99th Dimension  (2002)
Checco Comelli  (Italy)
Lasciala Andare/Ma Cosa Vuoi Che Sappia  (197? single)
Crandall Brothers  (US)
Thank God for the Old Rugged Cross  (19?)
Crushed  (US)
The Closed Room  (1993 EP)
D.C. Fontana  (UK)
The Snake  (199? single)
Larissa Dalle  (US)
Piscean  (1998)
DarXtar  (Sweden)
HawXtar  (1997)
Dilldallholom  (Norway)
Stålfinger  (1999)
Dr. Ja  (2002)
Fra Munchausen Med Kofix  (2009)
Todd Dillingham  (US)
The Twelve Breams of Dr. Sardine & Us  (1996 EP)
Doctor Pop  (Spain)
Doctor Pop  (1973)
John Doe Thing  (US)
Kissingsohard  (1995)
Drs. P  (Netherlands)
Een Flitsende Soiree Met Drs. P  (1975)
Dunk  [or D.U.N.K.]  (Canada)
Time to Fly  (1999)
Elisabeth  (Denmark)
Hun Danser en Morgen  (1993)
Everything She Wants  (Japan)
Everything She Wants  (1994)
Evescape  (US)
The Feel  (1997 EP)
Bruce Farkus  (US?)
In a Quiet Moment  (197?)
Don Fleming  (US)
Because Tomorrow Comes  (1996 EP)
Flick  (US)
Flick  [a.k.a. Booger]  (1997 EP)
Flin Flon  (US)
Shinola  (1998)
Flint  (US)
White Trash Folklore  (1998)
I'm Not Chinese  (1999 EP)
Soggy  (2000)
Fludd  (Canada)
Piece of Alright  (1974 b-side)
Flying Aces  (UK)
Seashell  (2002)
Four Men & a Dog  (Ireland)
Long Roads  (1996)
Kim Fox  (US)
Moon Hut  (1997)
John J. Francis  (Australia)
Open Fist  (1974)
Danny Frankel  (US)
Jupiter, Now!  (1995 EP)
Evan Frankfort  (US)
Erbudie Scurbudie  (1999)
Annika Frölander  (Sweden)
Caroline  (1995 single)
f.u.z.z.  (US)
f.u.z.z.  (1999)
Egil Fylling  (Norway)
Bound for Space  (1987)
AQi Fzono  (Japan)
Echoes  (1990)
Boris Gardiner  (Jamaica)
For All We Know  (1972)
Germain Gauthier  (Québec)
Germain Gauthier  (1974)
George  (US)
Waltz of the Egret  (199?)
Goran Gerin  (Yugoslavia)
Dok Gledam Sliku  (1975 single)
Kate Gibson  (US?)
Weary Remedy  (1996)
Ginga Tetsudo  (Japan)
Ginga Tetsudo  (1975)
John Gogo  (Canada)
Leave a Light on  (1997)
Green Cortinas  (Norway)
Sleep  (1995)
Grey Eye Glances  (US)
Painted Pictures  (1998)
Gus (Black)  (US)
Gus  (1996)
Word of Mouth Parade  (1999)
Billy Hallquist  (US)
Travelin'  (1975)
Rebecca Hancock & the Prison Wives  (Australia)
Somewhere to Land  (1993)
The Hand  (US)
Mule Me  (1996)
Tony Hazzard & Richard Barnes  (UK)
Tony Hazzard & Richard Barnes  (1976)
Hedge Hog  (Norway)
Thorn Cord Wonder  (1995)
Staffan Hellstrand (Tillsammans Med Nomads)  (Sweden)
Pascha Jims Dagbok  (1996)
Starsång  (2001)
Heretic  (Japan)
Drugging for M  (1997)
James Hersch & Tim Miller  (US)
Butterman's Ball  (1975)
Eric Hesson  (US)
BackSeat  (2001)
Hikashu  (Japan)
Haru  (1998, recorded 1977-78, as Pre-Hikashu)
Peter Himmelstrand  (Sweden)
Svenska Danshits  (1976)
Deborah Holland  (US)
Freudian Slip  (1994)
Home  (US)
Kittycat Kaka Kave  (1990?)
Husbians  (US)
Unpopular Flips  (1996)
In the Cage  (UK)
Live Volume 1  (2005)
Indigo  (Austria)
Indigo  (1984)
Photis Ionatos  (Greece)
Chante Kavafis Elytis Ritsos  (1979)
Jærrock  (Norway)
Spor  (1999)
Steve Jam  (US)
Songs of a Songwriter  (1975)
The Janet  (Japan)
Green Speedway  (1974)
Anata e  (1975 single)
Geraint Jarman  (UK)
Tacsi i'r Tywyllwch  (1977)
Jefferson  (UK)
I Love You This Much  (1973)
Johnny Society  (US)
It Don't Matter  (1997)
Wood  (1998)
Junction 51  (US)
Bull in a China Shop  (1997)
Kant  (UK?)
Intrinsic  (1982 EP)
Karon (Blackwell)  (US)
Live in Concert  (1977)
Krÿsa  (Czech Republic)
Bigbitovej Podraz  (1991 EP)
Dan Lacksman  (Belgium)
Dan Lacksman  (1973)
Hugues Le Bars  (France)
Hugues Le Bars  (1981)
Liferain  (Norway)
Words From an Empty Letter Box  (1998)
Lily  (Japan)
Auroila  (1976)
Limelight  (UK)
Take a Look Around/Run  (1972 single)
David Liska  (US)
David Liska  [a.k.a. Starting All Over Again]  (1976)
Locomotives  (Norway)
Spin  (1997)
Lolita∞Complex  (Japan)
Lolita∞Complex  (2000)
Don Lombardi  (US)
Sunny Afternoons  (1983 single)
Barbara M  (US)
Hi Steppin'  (1987 single)
MD19  (US)
The Promise on Dresser's Door  (1998)
Terry McCann  (UK)
Stand Back - its Rent-a-Crowd  [a.k.a. Friends in Harmony?]  (1975)
McClurg Family  (US)
Mostly Mary/Good News  (197?)
Ian McGlynn  (US)
Ian McGlynn  (1998 EP)
McKinley  (US)
Big Top Shop Talk  (1998)
Mike Madden  (US)
Millennium Mash  (1998)
Metallic Limits  (1999)
Magdalenes  (US)
Fast Luck  (1998)
Mainland  (UK)
Exposure  (1979)
Mako  (Austria)
In Other Regions  (1986)
Marble Orchard  (US)
Agent Invisible  (1994)
Marry Me Jane  (US)
Marry Me Jane  (1996)
Martin's Dam  (US)
Sky Above  (1998)
Mary Lee's Corvette  (US)
Mary Lee's Corvette  (1997)
True Lovers of Adventure  (1999)
Marz & Eperjessy  (Germany)
Marz & Eperjessy  (1971)
Maskit Chamber  (US)
The 4th Wave  (2001)
Matter  (US)
Matter  (1993)
Lunar Chateau  (1998)
Max  (US)
Ride the Dove  (1998)
Max Mouse & the Gorillas  (Canada)
Who is This Max Mouse Anyway?  (1978)
Stilla Gorilla  (1979)
Maxwell Plumm  (UK)
Maxwell Plumm  (1974)
We Can Work it Out  (c.1975)
Melt  (Norway)
...Introducing the Rootsless Youth  (1998)
Menschenfischer  (Germany)
...Rot  (1998)
Mentanpin  (Japan)
Mentanpin  (1975)
Milky  (Sweden)
Milky Way  (1995)
Millennium  (US)
Millennium  (1973)  (Christian outfit, a.k.a. Farrell & Farrell)
Mobsters  (UK)
'Translucent'  (2006 download)
Modesty Blaise  (UK)
Modern Guitars With Amplification  (1997)
A Beginner's Guide to Modesty Blaise  (1999)
Moonwater  (US)
Invitation  (1995)
The Moor  (Sweden)
Live Stupidity & Other Embarrassing Moments  (1994)
Ken Moore  (US)
Loubi Stem  (1981 cassette)
C. Moorhead  (US)
Jesus, the Word God in Holy Gospel Hymns  (1975)
Muscle Beat  (Japan)
Muscle Beat  (1987)
Masatoshi Nakamura  (Japan)
Fureai  (1974)
Nina Nastasia  (US)
Run to Ruin  (2003)  (Japanese issue bonus track only)
Neko  (Japan)
Nimaime  (1973)
New Hope  (US)
Green Grass (of My Homeland)  (1973 single)
Martin Newcomb  (UK)
Sombre Suite  (1999)
Nicol & Marsh  (UK)
Nicol & Marsh  (1978)
Niko  (Belgium)
Untitled  (1998 EP)
Noiz  (Japan)
Noiz  (1983)
Carol Noonan (Band)  (US)
The Only Witness  (1997)
Big Iron  (2001)
Noujoum  (Morocco)
Sleepless in Tanger  (1997)
Lena Nyman  (Sweden)
Bloss  (1997)
Oakley  (Germany)
Peculiar Autumn  (1978)
Oblivion  (Norway)
Wide Awake in Dreamland  (1998)
Ohm  (US)
Voices  (1999)
Goro Ohmi & Big Mouth  (Japan)
Guin Saga  (1983)
Guin Saga II  (1984)
Guin Saga: Graffiti  (1985)
One Way Ticket  (UK)
One Way Ticket  (1996)
Onion Band  (UK)
Now There's a Thing...!  (1988)  (as The Celebrated Onion Band)
Entirely Made of Wood  (1990)
Pat & Sandy  (US)
Magic Minstrels Music  (197?)
Arth Paul  (Germany)
Roth-Händle Präsentiert Händel und Andere Komponisten im Arth-Paul-Sound  (1975)
Peanuts  (Japan)
Ai no Yukue  (1974 single)
Love  (1974)
Chris Pelcer  (Australia)
Can't Find Reverse  (1980)
People Who Must  (US)
Lost Wire Transfer  (1997)
Peter Parker  (US)
Vanishing Point  (199?)
Perspective  (2000)
Phy  (Norway)
Soil  (1997 EP)
Pineforest Crunch  (Sweden)
Innocent  (2000 EP)
Pink Cloud  (Japan)
Alive  (1985)
Plastic People  (Netherlands)
Plastic People  (1971)
Plasticland  (US)
Confetti  (1990)
Point of Departure  (UK)
Magic Circles/Magic Circles (instrumental) (1991 single)
Popmachine  [or Pop Machine]  (Belgium)
Love Me  (1999 single)
Sage  (2000 single)  [or Greatest Hits
Chris Prentice  (New Zealand)
Trianon  (1993 cassette)
Archer Prewitt  (US)
4 Track Songs  (1997 EP)
Pronssinen Pokaali  (Finland)
Kuvia  (1998)
Prucel  (Norway)
Easy Pieces  (1975)
Quasifunk  (Germany)
Quasifunk 1  (1999)
Quasifunk 2  [a.k.a. Gemüsefresse]  (2000)
Reflexbandet  (Finland)
Reflexer  (1976)
Gordon Reid  (UK)
Aliens  (2000)
Eric Relph  (US)
Pretty Darlin'  (1978)
The Ritz  (Australia)
A Diamond as Big as the Ritz  (1977)
Rod Rogers  (US)
Join in the Fight for Freedom/Ballad of MacArthur  (1965 single)
Pernille Rosendahl  (Denmark)
Dream Away  (1997 EP)
Royal Notes  (UK)
Impressions of Mike Oldfield  (1974)
Blakey St. John  (US)
40 White Pearls  (1995)
Debby Schwartz  (US)
Wrongs of Passage  (1998)
Sebastian  (Denmark)
Gøgleren, Anton og de Andre  (1975)
Red Sedan  (UK)
Sandstone  (1998)
Tom Selden  (US)
Where Have All the Heroes Gone?  (1973 single)
Shekinah  (US)
(Timetable)  (1978)
Nathan Sheppard  (US)
Laughing & Crying  (1998)
Jeff Sherman  (US)
Above & Beyond  (2002)
Home  (2003)
Shiva Speedway  (US)
Psychic City  (1999)
Claudio Simonetti  (Italy)
Claudio Simonetti  (1981)
Skybolt 6  (US)
Bells of Bricktown  (1999)
Don Slepian  (US)
Introspection  (2000)
Solarcane  (US)
Book of Alibis  (1999)
Sonic Six  (US)
Music for Private Listening  (1998)
Titti Sotto  (Cuba)
¿Quieres Jugar?-¿Wanna Play?  (1978)
Kelley Stoltz  (US)
The Past Was Faster  (1999)
Sugarwood  (UK)
Catch a Breeze & Fly  (1997)
Love, Loss & Carparks  (1998 EP)
Masato Sugimoto  (Japan)
Asufufatto  (1975)
Supercuz  (US)
International Times  (1998)
T.C.  (US)
Lamanite  (1976)
TV Toy  (US)
Building With Assurance  (1981 EP)
Then  (Canada)
Ancient Daze  (1996)
Rebecca Timmons  (Canada)
Rebecca Timmons  (1995)
Tones  (US?)
Stars Fire & Water  (1984)
Transportation  (US?)
Transportation  (1996)
Nicholas Tremulis  (US)
King of the Hill  (1993 EP)
Colin Lloyd Tucker  (UK)
Songs of Life, Love & Liquid  (1995)
Tulip  (Japan)
Live!! Act Tulip  (1973)
Valerie Tyler  (US)
Rock & Roll High School/Catherine Street  (1983 single)
Indian Woman  (1983 single)
I'm Dancin'  (1984 single)
Uma  (US)
Fare Well  (1997)
Ronnie Urini  (Austria)
1001 Nacht  (1984 single version only)
Use of Ashes  (Netherlands)
Love is the Universe  (1997 b-side)
The Rosebud Years  (2000)
George Usher  (US)
Miracle School  (1996)
Valvola  (Italy)
Discover Another Side of Valvola  (1998)
Vasil Zook  (US)
The Last Live Show  (1997)
Ventures  (US)
Pops in Japan '73  (1973)
Visions  (US)
Perfect Day  (1978)
Voyager  (US)
Contact  (1987)
Michele Wagner  (US)
Heart of the Journey  (1993)
Walrus  (Japan)
Tokuiten no Heya  (2004)
Pat Walsh  (US)
Pat Walsh  (1997 EP)
Wasa  (Sweden)
Wasa  (1975)
Web  (Norway)
Water in Pyaemia  (1996)
Tommy West  (US)
Hometown Frolics  (1976)
Wiik & Winje  (Norway)
Wiik & Winje  (1975)
Barry Winslow  (US)
I Love a Good Mystery  (1985 single)
Wir  (E. Germany)
Zeit  [a.k.a. Und So Spielen Wir Woran Wir Glauben]  (1978)
Wooden Circus  (US)
Lemon Drop  (1998)
Yumiko Yamamura  (Japan)
Yumiko Yamamura  (1974)
Yonkers  (US)
Wormwood  (1975)  [NOT 1976 'John & David Yonker' version]
Takuro Yoshida  (Japan)
Oinaru Hito  (1977)
Shinobu Yoshioka  (Japan)
Water the Flower  (1996)
You Bastard  (US)
We Suck But We're Prompt  (1997)
29 Palms  (UK)
No Eden  (1992)
Original Cast
Nia Ben Aur  (1975)
...And We All Sing Along Like Before: A Tribute to Del Amitri By Their Fans  (2005? download)
A Christmas to Remember  (1998)
Doggie Pound: a Beatific Bundle of Norwegian Indies  (1999)
Floralia Vol.3  (1999)
Happy Holidays From Manage This! Unreleased Tidbits & Niblets 1998  (1998)
Intertwined: I Hope This Helps in Some Way  (MP3, 2001)
Loverly Music: The Singles, 1997-1999  (1999)
Magnetic Filings: The E-Music Compilation Tape, Volume Two  (1991 cassette)
Rē Records Quarterly Vol.3 No.3  (1991)
Revelations Book II  (1999)  [as Ron English?]
Tango!  (1997)
1967: Through the Looking Glass  (1990)