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Mellotron Links

Streetly Electronics For all things Mellotronic

Streetly tape library

Mellotron Archives Dave Kean's site in the US

Tokyo Mellotron Studio

Norm Leete's page

Don Tillman's page

J.P. Hovercraft (!) - plenty of samples

Ken Leonard

Vemia auctions

Some old Mellotron ads

Other keyboard-related sites

Music Machines


Analogue Heaven

120 Years of Electronic Music


Analogue Modular Systems

Synth Museum

Using the Moog synthesizer

More Hammonds!

Don Tillman's ARP page

Modular stuff

Some friends of mine...

Cardiacs If you haven't heard this band, do so IMMEDIATELY

Radio Massacre International London-based electronic outfit

Gregg Kovach Gregg's prog CD trading page

Fflint Central Experimental electronic CD-R label

Other Mellotron-related bands

Bigelf US prog-ish types

Kayak Dutch '70s 'prog-lite'

Jarrelook The UK's only Jean-Michel Jarre tribute band!

The Onion Band Folky 'Tron stuff

Other stuff

Musea Records Premier prog label site

Chris Bent's site Some interesting audio downloads, some including Mellotron

The Progressive Rock Bibliography What it says!

New England Art Rock Society

Hollow Sun: Fantastic synth sample site, including 'Tron and Chamberlin sounds

Flavicon: Lovely online conversion system for favicons