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I've had several requests for the reinstatement of my list additions page, so, er, here it is. If you've come here directly, you can find the albums list here. The first part of the page is obvious, but the second part is where I've either amended the information on an existing entry, deleted it, moved it to another page or simply confirmed the Mellotron use.

The Analogues  (US)
The Analogues  (2006 EP) - Richard Barone
Andrew  (US)
What's it All About?  (2004) - Mellotron & Chamberlin - Andrew Sandoval
Arch Enemy  (Sweden)
War Eternal  (2014)  Samples
Balduin  (Switzerland)
All in a Dream  (2014)  Samples
The Glamour Forest  (2014 single)  Samples
Sophie Barker  (UK)
Seagull  (2011)  Samples
BarlowGirl  (US)
How Can We Be Silent  (2007)  Samples
Matt Berry  (UK)
Music for Insomniacs  (2014)  Samples
Bilal  (US)
In Another Life  (2015)  Samples
Bitchin Bajas  (US)
Bitchitronics  (2013)  Samples
Blackfield  (Israel/UK)
IV  (2013)  Samples
Blood Ceremony  (Canada)
Lord of Misrule  (2016) - Alia O'Brien
Bone Idol  (UK)
Bone Idol  (2004)  To samples
Jim Bryson  (US)
The North Side Benches  (2003)  Samples
Cheryl  (UK)
Only Human  (2014)  Samples
Ciccada  (Greece)
The Finest of Miracles  (2015)  Samples
Eric Contractor  (US)
Night Escape  (2011)  Samples
La Coscienza di Zeno  (Italy)
Sensitività  (2013)  Samples
La Notte Anche di Giorno  (2015)  Samples
Cosmic Ground  (Germany)
2  (2015)  Samples
Deadlock  (2015 EP)  Samples
Sarah Cracknell  (UK)
Red Kite  (2015)  Samples
Damaged Bug  (US)
Hubba Bubba  (2014)  Samples
Day  (US)
Land of 1000 Chances  (2013)  Samples
Vittorio de Scalzi  (Italy)
Gli Occhi del Mondo  (2011)  Samples
Death Grips  (US)
The Powers That B  (2015)  Samples
Judy Donaldson  (US)
Sings About My Wonderful Lord  (197?) - Margie Vangilder
Doobie Brothers  (US)
Takin' it to the Streets  (1976) - Michael McDonald
Duffy  (UK)
Endlessly  (2010)  Samples
Echo Lake  (UK)
Era  (2015)  Samples
Empty Days  (Italy)
Empty Days  (2013)  Samples
Erren Fleissig Schöttler Steffen  (Germany)
Night on Ouddorp  (2014)  Samples
Serge Fiori  (Québec)
Serge Fiori  (2014)  Samples
Fractal Mirror  (Netherlands)
Garden of Ghosts  (2014)  Samples
Galileo 7  (UK)
One Lie at a Time/The God of Gaps  (2015 single)  Samples
Ghost  (Sweden)
Meliora  (2015)  Samples
Merle Haggard  (US)
Ramblin' Fever  (1977) - Chamberlin - ?
Emile Haynie  (US)
We Fall  (2015) - Thomas Bartlett/Roger Manning
Benjamin Herman  (Netherlands)
Blue Sky Blond  (2009) - Willem Friede/Paul Weller
Deal  (2012) - Willem Friede
Photis Ionatos  (Greece)
Chante Kavafis Elytis Ritsos  (1979) - ?
Jaime Sin Tierra  (Argentina)
Autochocador  (2000)  Samples
Chris Joss  (France)
You've Been Spiked  (2004)  Samples
King Crimson  (UK)
Live in Toronto  (2016)  Samples
Kinky  (Mexico)
MTV Unplugged  (2014)  Samples
Locrian  (US)
Return to Annihilation  (2013)  Samples
Infinite Dissolution  (2015)  Samples
Logos  (Italy)
L'Enigma della Vita  (2014)  Samples
The Luck of Eden Hall  (US)
The Acceleration of Time  (2016) - Jim Licka
Ulf Lundell  (Sweden)
OK Baby OK  (2004)  Samples
Magnetik  (Czech Republic)
Projektor  (2010)  Samples
Mansion  (Finland)
The Mansion Congregation Hymns Vol.1  (2014 single)  Samples
Pat Mastelotto  (US)
Recidivate  (2012)  Samples
Master Musicians of Bukkake  (US)
Far West  (2013)  Samples
Mermonte  (France)
Audiorama  (2014)  Samples
Mikromidas  (Norway)
Tre ut av Tiden!  (2014) - Øystein Larsen
Mr. Chop  (UK)
Illuminate  (2013) - Coz Littler
Moongarden  (Italy)
Voyeur  (2014)  Samples
Moonstone Project  (Italy/UK)
Rebel on the Run  (2006)  Samples
Mudcrutch  (US)
2  (2016) - Benmont Tench
Napier's Bones  (UK)
Hell & High Water  (2016)  Samples
Navarone  (Netherlands)
Vim & Vigor  (2014) - Ruud Peeters/Merlijn Nash
Next to None  (US)
A Light in the Dark  (2015)  Samples
Osanna  (Italy)
Rosso Rock Live in Japan  (2012)  Samples
Palepolitana  (2015)  Samples
Picture Palace Music  (Germany/Austria)
Midsummer: Music for Sound Divers & Baptism Ceremonies  (2010)  Samples
Pineapple Thief  (UK)
Magnolia  (2014)  Samples
Brendan Pollard  (UK)
Collection Volume One  (2013) - Brendan Pollard  [as Brendan Pollard & More]
Collection Volume Two  (2013) - Brendan Pollard  [as Brendan Pollard & More]
Collection Volume Three  (2013) - Brendan Pollard  [as Brendan Pollard & More]
Pretty Reckless  (US)
Light Me Up  (2010)  Samples
Purson  (UK)
Desire's Magic Theatre  (2016) - Rosalie Cunningham
Ra Ra Riot  (US)
The Orchard  (2010)  Samples
Gemma Ray  (UK)
Milk for Your Motors  (2014)  Samples
Cliff Richard  (UK)
Sincerely  (1969) - ?
Andy Rinehart  (US)
Pillbox  (2014)  Samples
Anthony Rother  (Germany)
Netzwerk der Zukunft  (2014)  Samples
Ske  (Italy)
1000 Autunni  (2011)  Samples
Steve Smith & the Tylas Cyndrome  (UK)
Phoenix Arising  (2011)  Samples
Maria Solheim  (Norway)
In the Deep  (2012)  Samples
Sound of Ceres  (US)
Nostalgia for Infinity  (2016)  Samples
Sportfreunde Stiller  (Germany)
MTV Unplugged in New York  (2009)  Samples
De Staat  (Netherlands)
I_Con  (2013)  Samples
Strawbs  (UK)
40th Anniversary Celebration, Vol.1: Strawberry Fayre  (2010) - Blue Weaver
Sula Bassana  (Germany)
Disappear  (2014)  Samples
Live at Roadburn Festival 2014  (2015)  Samples
Sunflow  (Ireland)
Under the Stars  (2008)  Samples
Témpano  (Venezuela)
Selective Memory  (2008)  Samples
Tomes Four  (US)
We're Not Home Yet Children  (197?) - Jay Petach
Sherman Tomes Trio  (US)
What a Morning  (197?) - Jay Petach
United Bible Studies  (Ireland)
Doineann  (2014)  Samples
Universal Daughters  (Italy)
Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?  (2013)  Samples
Vespero  (Russia)
Careful With That Axe, Eugene/One of These Days  (2013 single)  Samples
Weepies  (US)
Sirens  (2015)  Samples
Yacobs  (Germany)
Clouds  (2012)  Samples
Yes  (UK)
Union  (1991) - Jonathan Elias
Tucker Zimmerman  (US)
Ten Songs  (1969) - Tucker Zimmerman [bonus tracks only]
3 Bucket Jones  (UK)
Take These Ghosts  (2016)  Samples
5a Estación  (Spain)
Sin Frenos  (2009)  Samples
Festival Lagu Populer Tingkat Nasional VIII/'80  (1980) - ?
Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne  (2014)  Samples
Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes  (2014)  Samples

Brother Dan All Stars  (Jamaica)
Let's Catch the Beat: The Music That Launched the Legend  (2003, recorded 1968-9) - Ken Elliott
Abbey Rader  (US)
The Thing  (1979)  DELETED
Stof  (Belgium)
Theme From the Desert/Night Flight  (1973 single)  DELETED