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I've had several requests for the reinstatement of my list additions page, so, er, here it is. If you've come here directly, you can find the albums list here. The first part of the page is obvious, but the second part is where I've either amended the information on an existing entry, deleted it, moved it to another page or simply confirmed the Mellotron use.

Action Bronson  (US)
Mr. Wonderful  (2015)  To samples
AfroReggae  (Brazil)
Nova Cara  (2001)  To samples
Allah-Las  (US)
Hereafter  (2017 b-side)  Samples
Anahi  (Mexico)
Mi Delirio  (2009)  Samples
Ian Anderson  (UK)
Rupi's Dance  (2003)  To samples
India Arie  (US)
Acoustic Soul  (2001)  To samples
Avila Boys  (Mexico)
Cuatro  (1998)  To samples
Eszter Balint  (US)
Airless Midnight  (2015)  To samples
Edward Ball  (UK)
Catholic Guilt  (1997)  To samples
Cyro Baptista  (Brazil)
Love the Donkey  (2005)  To samples
Barenaked Ladies  (Canada)
Are Me  (2006)  To samples
Are Men  (2007)  To samples
Kim Beggs  (Canada)
Blue Bones  (2010)  To samples
Bench Connection  (UK)
Around the House in 80 Days  (2007)  To samples
Big Boss Man  (UK)
Winner  (2005)  To samples
Last Man on Earth  (2014)  Samples
David Bisbal  (Spain)
Sin Mirar Atrás  (2009)  Samples
Black Light White Light  (Denmark)
Gold Into Dreams  (2014)  Samples
Brian Blade & the Fellowship Band  (US)
Landmarks  (2014)  To samples
Blue Cow Kent  (Sweden)
Phantom Cathedral  (2014) - Michael Thörne
The Blue Ship  (UK)
The Executioner's Lover  (2014) - Paul Napier
Benjamin Booker  (US)
Benjamin Booker  (2014)  Samples
Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles  (US)
Diamonds in the Dark  (2007)  To samples
The Stars Are Out  (2009)  To samples
Boris  (Netherlands)
Holy Pleasure  (2006)  To samples
Live My Life  (2009)  To samples
Broken West  (US)
I Can't Go on, I'll Go on  (2007)  To samples
Bronx  (US)
The Bronx  (2006)  To samples
Brooks & Dunn  (US)
Red Dirt Road  (2003)  To samples
Brothers Keeper  (US)
Todd Meadows  (2014)  Samples
Jim Byrnes  (US)
House of Refuge  (2006)  To samples
My Walking Stick  (2009)  To samples
Kathryn Calder  (Canada)
Are You My Mother?  (2010)  To samples
Simon Campbell  (UK)
The Knife  (2014)  To samples
Candy Snatchers  (US)
The Candy Snatchers  (1996)  To samples
Vinicio Capossela  (Italy)
Marinai, Profeti e Balene  (2011)  To samples
Peter Case  (US)
Full Service No Waiting  (1998)  To samples
Cristian Castro  (Mexico)
El Culpable Soy Yo  (2009)  To samples
Chambers Brothers  (US)
Right Move  (1975) - Jeff Levine
Chesterfield Kings  (US)
Let's Go Get Stoned  (1994)  To samples
The Mindbending Sounds of...  (2003)  To samples
Psychedelic Sunrise  (2007)  To samples
Circle  (Finland)
Tulikoira  (2005)  To samples
Chiara Civello  (Italy)
7752  (2010)  To samples
C'mon Tigre  (Italy)
C'mon Tigre  (2014)  To samples
Leonard Cohen  (Canada)
You Want it Darker  (2016) - Zac Rae
Coldplay  (UK)
A Rush of Blood to the Head  (2002) - Chris Martin?
Checco Comelli  (Italy)
Alle 5 del Mattino  (1976) - Leo Croatto/Adriano Minosso
Julian Cope  (UK)
Drunken Songs  (2017) - Julian Cope
Zacardi Cortez  (US)
REloaded  (2014)  Samples
Danielia Cotton  (US)
Small White Town  (2005)  To samples
Rare Child  (2008)  To samples
The Real Book  (2014)  Samples
Crowder  (US)
Neon Steeple  (2014)  Samples
Dakota Suite  (UK)
This River Only Brings Poison  (2003)  To samples
Brody Dalle  (US)
Diploid Love  (2014) - Alain Johannes
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse  (US)
Dark Night of the Soul  (2010)  To samples
Steve Dawson  (Canada)
Waiting for the Lights to Come Up  (2008)  To samples
Nightshade  (2011)  To samples
Dead Texan  (US)
The Dead Texan  (2004)  To samples
Deep Dark Woods  (Canada)
Winter Hours  (2009)  To samples
The Place I Left Behind  (2011)  To samples
Jubilee  (2013)  To samples
Deep Purple  (UK)
Infinite  (2017)  Samples
Lana Del Rey  (US)
Lust for Life  (2017) - Rick Nowels/Sean Ono Lennon/Tim Larcombe/Dean Reid/Zac Rae
Vincent Delerm  (France)
Quinze Chansons  (2008)  To samples
Brett Dennen  (US)
Loverboy  (2011)  To samples
Derailers  (US)
Here Come the Derailers  (2001)  To samples
Marco di Mauro  (Italy)
Marco di Mauro  [a.k.a. Algo Que Me Faltaba]  (2009/10)  Samples
Diminished Men  (US)
Shadow Instrumentals  (2009)  To samples
Discipline  (US)
To Shatter All Accord  (2011)  To samples
Gabe Dixon Band  (US)
The Gabe Dixon Band  (2008)  To samples
The Donkeys  (US)
Ride the Black Wave  (2014)  Samples
Dubvisionist  (Germany)
King Size Dub Special!!!  (2014)  To samples
Duck Sauce  (US)
Quack  (2014)  Samples
Duckworth Lewis Method  (Ireland/UK)
The Duckworth Lewis Method  (2009)  To samples
Einstürzende Neubauten  (Germany)
Lament  (2014)  Samples
Empires  (US)
Orphan  (2014)  Samples
Enchant  (US)
The Great Divide  (2014)  Samples
Equinox  (US)
Journey Into Oblivion  (2003)  To samples
Jace Everett  (US)
Red Revelations  (2009)  To samples
FKA Twigs  (UK)
LP1  (2014)  Samples
Fabulous Rhinestones  (US)
Freewheelin'  (1973) - Marty Grebb
Mylène Farmer  (France)
Point de Suture  (2008)  To samples
Fiske & Herrera  (US)
Till the Sea Disappears  (2010)  To samples
Ben Folds  (US)
Way to Normal  (2008)  To samples
Stems & Seeds  (2009)  To samples
Foo Fighters  (US)
Skin & Bones  (2006)  To samples
Wasting Light  (2011)  To samples
Sonic Highways  (2014)  To samples
China Forbes  (US)
'78  (2008)  To samples
Marc Ford  (US)
Holy Ghost  (2014)  Samples
Fourth World  (Brazil/UK)
Fourth World  (1994)  To samples
Fractal Mirror  (Netherlands)
Slow Burn 1  (2016)  Samples
Frogg Café  (US)
Creatures  (2003)  To samples
Frutería Toñi  (Spain)
Mellotron en Almíbar  (2014)  Samples
Galahad  (UK)
Empires: A Curious Companion  (2015)  Samples
Quiet Storms  (2017, recorded 2014-17)  Samples
Samuel Glenn  (US)
Younglove  (2017 EP) - Samuel Glenn
Selena Gomez  (US)
For You  (2014, recorded 2009-13)  To samples
Gospelbeach  (US)
Another Summer of Love  (2017) - Jonny Niemann
Grasshopper & the Golden Crickets  (US)
The Orbit of Eternal Grace  (1998)  To samples
Macy Gray  (US)
The Way  (2014)  Samples
Boris Grebenshikov  (Russia)
Salt  (2014)  Samples
Martin Green  (UK)
Crows' Bones  (2014)  Samples
Grifters  (US)
Full Blown Possession  (1997)  To samples
Josh Groban  (US)
Illuminations  (2010)  To samples
Guano Padano  (Italy)
Americana  (2014)  Samples
Trey Gunn Band  (US)
The Joy of Molybdenum  (2000)  To samples
Daryl Hall & John Oates  (US)
Our Kind of Soul  (2004) - Daryl Hall or Greg Bieck
Happyness  (UK)
Weird Little Birthday  (2014)  To samples
Micah P. Hinson  (US)
Micah P. Hinson & the Gospel of Progress  (2004)  To samples
Micah P. Hinson & the Red Empire Orchestra  (2008)  To samples
Hiss Tracts  (Québec)
Shortwave Nights  (2014)  Samples
Holy Ghost!  (US)
Holy Ghost!  (2011)  To samples
James House  (US)
Broken Glass Twisted Steel  (2014)  Samples
Hughes Turner Project  (US)
Hughes Turner Project  (2002)  To samples
Hughes Turner Project II  (2003)  To samples
Christian Lee Hutson  (US)
Yeah Okay, I Know  (2014)  To samples
Chrissie Hynde  (US)
Stockholm  (2014) - Björn Yttling
James Farm  (US)
City Folk  (2014)  Samples
Ben Jelen  (US)
Give it All Away  (2004)  To samples
Jewel  (US)
Perfectly Clear  (2008)  To samples
Lullaby  (2009)  To samples
Sweet & Wild  (2010)  To samples
Jigsaw Seen  (US)
Gifted  (2012) - Mellotron & Chamberlin - Dennis Davison/Jonathan Lea  FROM samples
The Juan MacLean  (US)
In a Dream  (2014)  Samples
Jucifer  (US)
L'Autrichienne  (2008)  To samples
John Kilzer  (US)
Hide Away  (2014) - Rick Steff
King Dude  (US)
Fear  (2014)  Samples
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard  (Australia)
Murder of the Universe  (2017) - Stu Mackenzie
Amy LaVere  (US)
Runaway's Diary  (2014) - Sam Shoup
Korby Lenker  (US)
Korby Lenker  (2014)  Samples
Donna Lewis  (UK)
Now in a Minute  (1996)  To samples
Lykke Li  (Sweden)
I Never Learn  (2014)  Samples
Lisa o Piu  (Sweden)
Behind the Bend  (2010)  To samples
Lombroso  (Italy)
Una Vita Non Mi Basta  (2010)  To samples
Annett Louisan  (Germany)
Zu Viel Information  (2014)  Samples
Gedeon Luke & the People  (US)
Live Free & Love  (2014) - Ado Coker/James Poyser
Don McGreevy  (US)
Aichmophobia  (2014)  To samples
Maga  (Spain)
Maga  (2006)  To samples
Magnolia Electric Co.  (US)
Sojourner  (2007)  To samples
Josephine  (2009)  To samples
Ben Mallot  (US)
Look Good, Feel Good  (2008)  To samples
Marlango  (Spain)
The Electrical Morning  (2007)  To samples
Edith Márquez  (Mexico)
Duele  (2009)  Samples
Matchbox Twenty  (US)
More Than You Think You Are  (2002)  To samples
Dieter Meier  (Switzerland)
Out of Chaos  (2014)  Samples
Mellow  (France)
Another Mellow Winter  (1999)  To samples
Monsters of Folk  (US)
Monsters of Folk  (2009)  To samples
Ian Moore  (US)
Luminaria  (2004)  To samples
Moraine  (US)
Groundswell  (2014)  Samples
Mosaico  (Italy)
Vola  (2014)  To samples
Motels  (US)
Clean Modern & Reasonable  (2007)  To samples
Angela Moyra  (Netherlands)
Fickle Island  (2014)  To samples
Jason Mraz  (US)
Yes!  (2014)  To samples
Nick Mulvey  (UK)
First Mind  (2014)  Samples
Mushroom's Patience  (Italy)
Jellyfish  (2014)  Samples
My Brother the Wind  (Sweden)
Once There Was a Time When Time & Space Were One  (2014)  Samples
My Silent Bravery  (US)
Diamond From Coal  (2013)  Samples
Ednita Nazario  (Puerto Rico)
Real  (2007)  To samples
Diegesis  (2014)  To samples
Jen Olive  (US)
The Breaks  (2013) - Andy Partridge/Stu Rowe
Matthew Parmenter  (US)
Astray  (2004)  To samples
Horror Express  (2008)  To samples
Passenger  (UK)
Whispers  (2014)  Samples
Nina Persson  (Sweden)
Animal Heart  (2014)  Samples
Rebecca Pidgeon  (UK)
Bad Poetry  (2014)  Samples
Plumb  (US)
Candycoatedwaterdrops  (1999)  To samples
Preacher Boy  (US)
Gutters & Pews  (1996)  To samples
Julian Priester Pepo Mtoto  (US)
Love, Love  (1974) - Julian Priester?
Prince  (US)
Chaos & Disorder  (1996)  To samples
Psychomuzak  (UK)
Send  (1997)  To samples
Queens of the Stone Age  (US)
...Like Clockwork  (2013)  To samples
RBD  (Mexico)
Rebels  (2006)  Samples
Para Olvidarte de Mi  (2009)  To samples
Ra Rising  (UK)
Seize the Day  (2014)  Samples
Rainbow  (UK)
Rainbow Rising  (1976) - Tony Carey
Lee Ranaldo & the Dust  (US)
Acoustic Dust  (2014)  Samples
Brian Reitzell  (US)
Auto Music  (2014)  To samples
Colleen Rennison  (Canada)
See the Sky About to Rain  (2014)  To samples
Johnny Rivers  (US)
Reinvention Highway  (2004)  To samples
Rivulets  (US)
You Are My Home  (2005)  To samples
Rocket Scientists  (US)
Refuel  (2014)  To samples
Romantics  (US)
61/49  (2003)  To samples
Alexandra Roos  (France)
Huit de Pique  (2007)  To samples
Matthew Ryan  (US)
May Day  (1997)  To samples
Jamie Saft  (US)
Black Shabbis  (2009)  To samples
A Bag of Shells  (2010)  To samples
Saintseneca  (US)
Dark Arc  (2014)  To samples
Lucas Santtana  (Brazil)
Sobre Noites e Dias  (2014)  Samples
Sasha  (UK)
Involver  (2004)  To samples
Savage Rose  (Denmark)
Universal Daughter  (2007)  To samples
Roots of the Wasteland  (2014)  To samples
Saville Row  (US)
The Way Around it  (2014)  Samples
Hadden Sayers  (US)
Supersonic  (2001)  To samples
Second Decay  (Germany)
La Décadence Électronique  (1992)  To samples
Philip Selway  (UK)
Weatherhouse  (2014)  Samples
Sing-Sing  (UK)
The Joy of Sing-Sing  (1999)  To samples
Skambankt  (Norway)
Hardt Regn  (2009)  To samples
Sleeping Pictures  (UK)
Many Hands Should Throw Stones  (2006)  To samples
Steve Smith  (UK)
This Town  (2008)  To samples
Smoke Fairies  (UK)
When You Grow Old  (2009 b-side)  To samples
Blood Speaks  (2012)  Samples
Smoke Fairies  (2014)  Samples
Snow Patrol  (UK)
When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up  (2001)  To samples
Spirit Nation  (US)
Spirit Nation  (1998)  To samples
Winter Moons  (2001)  To samples
Martin Springett  (Canada)
The Gardening Club  (1983) - Chris Mckim
State Radio  (US)
Let it Go  (2009)  To samples
Swirlies  (US)
Blonder Tongue Audio Baton  (1993)  To samples
Susan Tedeschi  (US)
Wait for Me  (2002)  To samples
Back to the River  (2008)  To samples
Thalía  (Mexico)
Viva Kids  (2013)  Samples
Amore Mio  (2014)  Samples
Peter Tosh  (Jamaica)
Legalize it  (1976) - Tyrone Downey or Peter Tosh
Gloria Trevi  (Mexico)
Gloria  (2011)  Samples
Michelle Tumes  (Australia)
Listen  (1998)  To samples
Ufo Piemontesi  (Italy)
Buonanotte ai Suonatori  (1992)  To samples
Midge Ure  (UK)
Pure  (1991)  To samples
Velocette  (UK)
Fourfold Remedy  (1999)  To samples
Voodoo Glow Skulls  (US)
Baile de los Locos  (1997)  To samples
Westlife  (Ireland)
Back Home  (2007)  To samples
Erica Wexler  (US)
Sunlit Night  (2013) - 'I Unbecome' - Andy Partridge
Bryan White  (US)
How Lucky I am  (1999)  To samples
White Birch  (Norway)
Star is Just a Sun  (2002)  To samples
Jenny Whiteley  (Canada)
Dear  (2006)  To samples
Forgive or Forget  (2010)  To samples
Chris Whitley  (US)
Din of Ecstasy  (1995)  To samples
Joy Whitlock  (US)
God & a Girl  (2008)  To samples
Barney Wilen & Dièse 440  (France)
Live in Paris, 8 Janvier 1983  (2007) - Michel Bertier
5a Estación  (Spain)
Flores de Alquiler  (2004)  To samples
Various Artists
Acquire the Fire: Unshakeable  (2001)  To samples
Freaked! A Gotee Tribute to dcTalk's "Jesus Freak"  (2006)  To samples
One Step Up/Two Steps Back: the Songs of Bruce Springsteen  (2000)  To samples

Checco Comelli  (Italy)
Lasciala Andare/Ma Cosa Vuoi Che Sappia  (197? single)  DELETED
Foo Fighters  (US)
In Your Honor  (2005)  DELETED
Galahad  (UK)
Guardian Angel  (2014 EP)  DELETED from samples
Jigsaw Seen  (US)
We Women  (2003 EP)  DELETED
Procession  (Italy)
Frontiera  (1972) - Stefano "Il Corvo" Piermarioli
Eric Relph  (US)
Pretty Darlin'  (1978) - 'Oh Why' - Michael Allsup
Tinkerbell's Fairydust  (UK)
Twenty Ten  (1968 single) - Stuart Attride?  [on Tinkerbell's Fairydust, 1998]